Sony upbeat on electronics, sees larger game loss.

Sony Corp said the operating margin at its electronics operations is expected to beat its target for the year to March, but operating loss at its videogame unit will likely be double its initial forecast. Operating loss at its game unit, which offers loss-making PlayStation 3 game gear, is estimated to exceed 100 billion yen

($876 million) for the current business year, compared with its original projection of 50 billion yen, a Sony spokeswoman said.

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AliC4867d ago

Isn't this the third time that report of losses in the games division for Sony that has been approved now.

Ignorant Fanboy4867d ago

Its kind of like the sales numbers that get approved all the time, even though they are the same numbers.

Death4867d ago

Maybe hold off judgement for another year, eh?


Captain Tuttle4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Edit: No problem man.

Death4867d ago

That was supposed to be a reply to Ron's comment on the original Xbox's losses. Appearantly he's comparing the PS3 to the Xbox which is a little early. ;)


FirstknighT4867d ago

Sony's game division is in the red and Microsofts game division is in the green. Oh how times have changed.

vaan4867d ago

You know Sony can absorb that deficit easy as MS absorbed that HUGE failure of a console....what was it called? Oh yeah, the XBOX.

RonDeMuerte4867d ago

The Xbox console was a massive barely sold a quarter of what the PS2 has achieved....hahahaha and that console had two Halo games!!!! hahahaha

timmyrulz4867d ago

Why would you come out with such a stupid comment about the 360 been a failure? i think you will find that 13.5 million consoles sold is far more than 5.5 million sold, its comments like that what makes fanboys look such stupid richards not to mention 10 years old

RonDeMuerte4867d ago

It's comments like yours that let people know how retarded you halfwit fanboy.....


13.5 mil? more like 11 0r 12 mil, and ps3 has sold over 6 and 3/4 mil less than half time on market, with no major exclusives released, which system is the failure? you tell me?

DEADEND4867d ago

Well said my friend that is why I know SONY will domante next year.

Arrancar for life.

Lionsguard4867d ago

The PS3 sales are no different than XBOX360 sales were at 1 year ago so how is this a failure? and the PS3 cost twice as much and had barely any games to play!

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kspraydad4867d ago

for THIS YEAR it would seem to indicate that they are expecting to SELL alot more PS3s than they originally planned..since they are loosing money on each.

From a short term 1 year perspective this news is actually positive!

Gina-get-u4867d ago

You get the gold star kiddo. That is 100% correct. The bigger losses are anticipated from an increase in subsidized console sales.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4867d ago

Never thought about it that way (selling more ps3's means a greater loss).

But I think the loss per ps3 for the 40gb is much less. Sony might actually be breaking even on the 40gb's b/c I think they have 65nm chips (rather than 90nm in the older ps3's). Plus the motherboard in the 40gb chip is smaller and simpler (Graphic synthesizer chip for ps2 BC removed).

Death4867d ago

Sony has stated more than once that PS3 sales are not what they expected. The loss is coming from a combination of a very low attach rate and multiple price cuts in all regions. Cutting console prices within the first year is not common. Cutting them multiple times and redesigning hardware is also not common this early in a consoles life cycle. Right now Sony is doing everything they can to reduce costs and move consoles. The world is not coming to an end, but the PS3 is not selling nearly as well as Sony had anticipated. If you are a PS3 owner and want to help, buy some games already. The console is much better than what the attach rate shows.


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