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IncGamers: Sort of like a hack-and-slasher, but only in that you'll get hacked and slashed if you try to play it like one.

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ppazuzu2747d ago

Sounds like I can look forward to being murdered over and over again by the sadistic nature of this, much like Demon's Souls.

Killzone3Helghast2747d ago

this is on the Xbox360 right as well? Lol if this plays exactly how I think it is those CoD guys won't be able to play this for 30 seconds without auto aim and quick scoping

Neckbear2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Well, almost everyone who played the E3 Booth demo came in, killed the armored guy if lucky, saw the dragon, rushed against him and died.

So, yeah. Indeed, look foward to many Metacritic user reviews citing a zero out of ten as score and the content being "wtf dis gaem 2 cheap it suckz dont buy!!!!11"


Demon's Souls was a game paid attention only by reviewers that enjoyed the game, and users that heard about its difficulty first and foremost, whilst finding it appealing.

Dark Souls, however, seems to get much more marketing and hype- inevitably, you'll have newer, more inexperienced folks giving the game a try, thus ending in either love at first sight or hatred. After all, they -are- getting an influx of new players, not to mention in a new platform- which, of course, might mean much of the latter.

Besides, the concept of Dark Souls, as well as Demon's Souls, challenges the typical idea of accessibility- again, a point of praise for DS by some, but hell, I don't doubt it will get naysayers inside the more..."casual" fanbase, I would say.

EDIT: Oh, and by the way, I meant user reviews. Fixed my former post, as well.

BiggCMan2747d ago

Demon's Souls scored extremely high all around on Metacritic with an 89, and that was a very hard game as well so I don't see your point.

MintBerryCrunch2747d ago


he meant 360 users since its coming to both consoles now

-Alpha2747d ago

I hope you are aware that the PS3's highest selling game are COD games as well

Ser2747d ago

True, but I think it's common knowledge that there are more CoD players on the 360.

-Alpha2747d ago

Only because there are more LIVE users.

There are just as many PS3 users when you consider the PS3 sales in America

femshep2747d ago

want want want want (repeats till i run out of breath)

Deputydon2747d ago

Dark Souls has a lock on... but the game is completely based on skill anyways.

Also flamelurker in Demon's Souls wasn't too hard. If you were a thief it was a little harder, but you could just put on ring of flame resistance, and some leather armor which increased fire resistance and you could either wait for him to do the run/leap inferno combo then hit him while he's stunned. Or just arrow/roll/arrow/roll.

If you were heavy type character you could just put on flame resistance ring and some heavy armor and kill him pretty quick with a heavy weapon. The only real thing that made flamelurker hard is that you pretty much had to fight him as quick as possible because without his soul you couldn't make any unique weapons.

Speaking of which, I really hope Dark Souls keeps the crafting system, and expands it to armor as well. You could upgrade shield, but I don't remember their being a shield you had to forge. And it would be sweet to be able to forge some armor sets as well, it would really add to the diversity of the game as well as pvp. In Demons souls, once you get around 100 SL, I almost always had to fight someone with the blueblood sword, the meat cleaver, or the Dragon Bone Sword.

admiralthrawn872747d ago

demon's souls had a lock on as well. one of my favorite games of all time hell yes i'm picking up dark souls.

admiralthrawn872747d ago

lol someone disagreed that i like the game? what is there to disagree about? i like the game....they really need to do away with the disagree button. ninja fanboys get off on it

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