Newly repaired Xbox 360's come back with an even bigger heatsink to combat RRoD

Maxconsole have been informed that newly repaired Xbox 360 units from the MS repair center are coming back with much bigger heatsinks. The following pictures sent in by Artik from Logic-Sunrise show the difference between the old heatsink (top left) and the new one (all the rest).

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nanometric4871d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Maybe M$ could just supply ice cubes to 360 owners? :D

EDIT @Saint Sony: Get a sense of humor and your 360 from repair shop!

Saint Sony4871d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

LOL a comedian! HAHAH.

How about this:
Maybe Sony could just supply games to PS3 owners?

edit: nanometric obviously YOU fail to have sense of humor ;)

ukilnme4871d ago

you should STFU. Just joking, I am bored here at work.

maggotmx4870d ago

hahaha thats pretty funny i dont care wut ne1 say... ice cubes lol

dantesparda4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Well this article prompted me to check my console which i got back from them on July 20-something and my replacement (my 3rd replacement 360) has NO extra heatsink in it at all! NONE! its just like the original 360s. This is bullsh!t. And all you fanboys were saying that they all had the extra heatsink being put in them at that time. Morons! definitely not true (that they where all getting them at that time, cuz mine definitely didnt). And this 360 (my 3rd one) has been freezing up and disc read erroring since the first day i got it back from them. So soon I will be on my 4th replacement 360, since this one is no good either and going back.

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stony4194871d ago

this is just the new pro console, nothing new like they said on all the forums. Try going to and check out the coolers they supply, they are loud as hell, but they let you know how hot your system is and they let you control the fan speed, but like I said, they are really freakin loud, so make sure you have atleast a stereo unit or a well ventilated entertainment system, preferebly with a door so you don't have to listen to how loud the fans are. Other than that I love em lol. I also bought the fan that is placed behind the power button on top of the new heat sink. Helps keep the system cool, around 40°C to 50°C, it has spiked to hit 52°C, but I just turned up the speed of the fan and it dropped back down to 50°C.

Sangheili854870d ago

I don't want a recall i'm happy with my 360 never had a RROD. And as long as they replace them for free for 3 years I'm fine with that.

marionz4870d ago

no RROD here and im happy with the 3yr warrenty, what good would a total recall do now?

lynx1halo4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

NOW IT NOT ONLY PRE HEATS YOUR FOOD....IT CAN ALSO BE USED AS A SLOW COOKER THX TO THE BIGGER HEAT SINK...(Please allow one to two days for your product to completely fail)


LOL now thats just funny

akaFullMetal4870d ago

well it needs it, i hope that this proves to keep fail rates down to 5% at least, if not, then ill wait some more before getting a 360, but now that i have a computer that can play bioshock and cod4, i might not need to get one yet, since alot of 360 games are also pc.

ry-guy4870d ago

You know, I haven't heard as much complaining about RRoD since they implemented the new 65nm and the bigger heat sinks. The only people that seem to keep pointing out is the Sony fanbase.

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The story is too old to be commented.