RAGE to come on 3 discs on the Xbox 360

@XG247: More details released regarding the size of RAGE.

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Convas2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )


Still want it though.

Had no idea RAGE had multiplayer.

LOGICWINS2692d ago

Nice. If the game takes three DVDs, its a good indicator that it'll have quality up the ass!

Shok2692d ago

Er....Final Fantasy 13.......

Convas2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

@Shok: Errr, L.A. Noire? RAGE on 360's already a graphical powerhouse and that was since LAST years E3.

Edit: Whoops, guess RAGE isn't a sharp game on 360. My bad N4G, MY BAD!

LOGICWINS2692d ago

^^I said it was a good indicator..not a guaranteed one.

Consider this analogy, reviews are a good indicator of the merits of a game...but they aren't written in stone as the ultimate deciding factor of whether a game is good or not.

bruddahmanmatt2692d ago

Meh, it's gotten to the point where I pretty much expect this to be the case with regards to larger multiplats on the 360. I'm glad that developers are no longer handicapping their games for the PS3 and PC crowds due to the limitations of the 360s hardware though.

KwietStorm2692d ago

How do you come to that conclusion? Doesn't it just mean the game is large? Or are you being sarcastic?

Tank_Commander_E62692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Dude seriously that's not fair! PS3 users pay the same amount and only get one disc but the 360 gets 3! :(

(who's raging now? lol)

LOGICWINS2692d ago

"How do you come to that conclusion? Doesn't it just mean the game is large? Or are you being sarcastic?"

Devs like Rockstar didn't want to gimp the PS3 version of L.A. Noire, so for both versions to be equal, Rockstar implemented multiple discs for the 360 in order for the highest quality game to be the same on both systems. This is a GOOD thing for all gamers.

afterMoth2692d ago

What happened to MS's miracle compression techniques, where MS said games would get smaller and smaller?

MaxXAttaxX2692d ago

The only way games would get smaller and smaller, is if the money got bigger and bigger.

I guess M$ can't convince developers to keep their games 360-friendly LOL

lil Titan2692d ago

MS shouldn't have been suborn and just went with HD DVD. HD DVD might still be a contender against Blu-ray if they did

Active Reload2692d ago

It'll still sell more on the 360 so whats the difference? LA Noire ring a bell? Or did people think this would increase PS3 sales? Are people really that stupid? Don't answer that...

Foliage2692d ago

@ Active Reload

That's what happens when a console has more than one game for users to buy. The 360 sells better for multi-platforms, because they have no exclusives. PS3 exclusives are far better than multi-platform titles... This is easy to keep up with kid. More choice = distributed game purchases.

morganfell2692d ago Show
Umb2692d ago

And a certain someone once said 512kb is all you will ever need on your computer if I remember correctly, and yes I wrote 512KB.

LOL, and no I am serious he did say that.

Active Reload2692d ago

If those exclusives were so better then why do those multiplats sell better than those exclusives for that console...kid?

killershadow1172692d ago

I don't get why you guys have so many disagrees, it makes no sense on why people are being so hateful toward the multidisk formats. It's not like the original PlayStation or the PlayStation2 had multidisk games. Back then we never saw anybody complain or mock it for it, it was just an indicator of a good game.

silvacrest2692d ago

the sales are spread between the exclusives and the multiplats, its not hard to figure out

and fyi, calling a random guy on the net a kid is ....stupid, think about it

YodaCracker2692d ago

Wow! You guys are getting really delusional. Now you want us to believe 360 games sell more because we have less to choose from? Every single year, the 360 sees more game releases than the PS3; be they exclusives, console exclusives, multiplatforms, Kinect titles, indie games, or Arcade titles.

It's a pretty pathetic way to try to explain the PS3's poor software sales in comparison to the 360.

CryofSilence2692d ago


Every time I see one of your comments, I wonder why you only have 1 bubble. Have some from me. ^^

RedDevils2692d ago

3 DVDs guess it a great collection To have hahahaa

fr0sty2691d ago

@Yoda, 360 saw more exclusives this year than PS3? Last year too? I want some of what you're smoking!

Oner2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

The attachment rates between the PS3 & 360 supports what morganfell said more so than what your opinion & what you are trying to spread around here yodacracker.

Have a read through some recent news right here on N4G and what I posted about it ~

+Agree/+Bubbles for morganfell & CryofSilence

jeseth2691d ago

2006 : Who Needs Blu Ray?

Christopher2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

***It's a pretty pathetic way to try to explain the PS3's poor software sales in comparison to the 360.***

Don't usually get involved in these little tirades, but XBox 360 sold only 5 million more games than the PS3 last year (about 3% more) and PS3 is leading by 1 million in game sales in 2011 so far... With less consoles sold worldwide...

OT: as long as gamers around the world get to experience LA Noire and like games, really doesn't matter to me if it's on one disc or three, I'll play them how I can get them.

jetlian2691d ago

who has the highest selling exclusives on the most active online games(tps/fps?!)

I like my ps3 but seriously sony is still playing catch up when it comes to online. Sony has a lot of exclusives to divert attention from thier lack of quality.

Trebius2691d ago

It's so obvious 360's multiplats sell better than PS3's ... because they have no exclusive games, DUH.

At least on the PS3 you can decide whether to get prototype, or Infamous. Dante's Inferno, or God of War 3. MAG, or Homefront. Resistance or Call of Duty, Uncharted or ... wait nothing compares to uncharted that's multiplat ...

But you get my drift. For every exclusive title, there's a multiplat that tries to be as good as it, but doesnt succeed by a longshot.

360 cant choose the superior quality exclusives, so they all have to settle for the mediocre titles.

2691d ago
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Joni-Ice2692d ago

Thats sound about right.

sikbeta2692d ago

That's the norm for bigger games, I think...

tawak2692d ago

yep, that's the future of gaming they said

Persistantthug2692d ago

Of course BluRay is better, but DVD is still's doable.

The real Achilles Heal from a developer standpoint is the fact that XBOX 360 don't all have harddrives......That's really worse than the DVD issue.

MS really shouldn't have taken a step backwards with that.

blumatt2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Yeah, not having harddrives as a standard is worse. I really can't believe they did that since the original Xbox DID have harddrives standard.

Of course, multiple discs will become the norm as the 360 ages. It was only a matter of time before these devs. started needing more disc space. The PS3 has bluray so it won't ever need more than one disc, and, in fact, here lately we've been receiving FREE games on the SAME disc. We got:

-free Frontlines with Medal of Honor
-free Dead Space Extraction with Dead Space 2

and now:

-free Bioshock 1 with Bioshock 3.

It's nice to get free stuff. It's really nice paying for one game and getting a FREE one.

macky3012692d ago

True that,.. except they still would have to pay royalty ,.. on one disc less,.. but they would be much happier,..

TKCMuzzer2692d ago

Just poor design from MS. If they did not want a hard drive in every machine then every machine should have had a better disc storage drive (HD-DVD). This is what happens when trying to beat the opposition to the market and not considering your future market.

kneon2692d ago


Microsoft really had no choice in the matter. They launched about a year before either Bluray or HD DVD were ready so DVD was the only option.

Had they waited then they would have been launching at about the same time as the PS3 and would have been at least as expensive. If they had done that they would easily be trailing PS3 sales by 10 million+.

xxLuckyStrike2692d ago

Who cares if its on 3 disks it will still out -perform the PS3 i'll take 3 disks at 60fps over 1 disc at 20-30fps A_N_Y D_A_Y!!!

DarkTower8052692d ago

@ TKCMuzzer, "Just poor design from MS".

You would think that right? But that is what M$ wanted. They appear to have the cheaper console, but then you buy it and you soon realize you have to buy a HDD, then you have to buy a wireless adapter if you want to go wireless. Then you have to buy a LIVE Gold if you want to go online.

They built a bare system with a dirt cheap dvd drive as a way to sell more systems and make more money on the poor souls that didn't do their research. Nothing is a mistake with the way M$ operates its business, they are very smart and know what they're doing.

Aarix2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Yea but DVDs are cheaper and have faster reading. I prefer disc swapping over mandatory installs. But then again, I can play my 360 while my ps3 installs the game

TheDareDevil2691d ago

Carmack did say that the 360 version runs at 60 fps whereas currently the PS3 version is around 20-30 fps. The Xbox might not have better Hardware, but we have much better software.
So what's the point of having better hardware, if your software can't make up for it?

Persistantthug2691d ago

Lots of devs, especially PC based devs, didn't quite understand how to program for the PS3.....that's probably the reason he had to take it back in for another year.

I'm pretty sure he figured out how to manage the SPE's.....kinda like DICE has.

At anyrate, yeah.....your "stats" are a bit out of date bud.

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Sinkway2692d ago

Same here, Looks awesome. 3 discs? That might equal AWESOMENESS!! eg. L.A. Noire

kingdoms2692d ago

I disagreed with you but it agreed. Big deal on the discs. Also the myth that the 360 would be holding this back is busted like anybody believed that when the developers show only the 360 version

DigitalRaptor2692d ago

Excuse me, but most footage shown has been of the PC version.

Jamzluminati2692d ago

Lol we all know this game is going to suck. There's no need to try to justify it any other way.

-We are watching

Bull5hifT2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

1st Day Buy for me, was going to
Get it on PS3 ...then lost interest ... But after seeing that there not gonna wrap there game on a single dvd, just to please M$ ' there actually trying to push there limits, I Love Devs like that , i thought devs were scared of the Micro$oft Multi Disk Tax

TheXgamerLive2692d ago

actually, it's a good thing, like with LA Noire I'll download all 3 dvd's to my HD and then simply just play the game smoother and faster than any dvd or blu ray disc will do:)

hiredhelp2692d ago

how do you download 3 dvd's to your 360.
i thoghtn u had to install them

TheXgamerLive2692d ago

exactly, d/l or instal whatever termanology you want to use, it's all the same. you d/l and play

metsgaming2692d ago

and some people think that Microsoft can get away next gen with the DVD again. ROFL, they need to buy out HDdvd tech and use it just for xbox.

Cablephish2692d ago

If they do this, it would be good for piracy protection, since there's a real lack of readers and burners for hd dvd.

guigsy2692d ago

They will most likely just bring out their own propitiatory format like the Wii U is doing.

chriski3332692d ago

holy crap wow thats just silly

parasit32692d ago

Then it's 3 discs on PC also :(

showtimefolks2692d ago

it was confirmed a while ago. no worries changing disks don't take more than few seconds.

the single player is about 15hrs long if you don't do any side missions.

also online is combat racing. Who wants the next fallout on rage's Engine?

zeddy2692d ago

you might moan its 3 discs but it will sell more on the 360 than the ps3, mark my words.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2691d ago

killershadow117: Back then, multidisks were acceptable. But this is the year 2011.

konigxs2691d ago

Just to back you up, back then = 2002 (when Sony had already begun to fix this problem).

2v12691d ago

hell yea! that like 3 game

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M-Easy2692d ago ShowReplies(3)
Octo12692d ago

Cue the obligatory "Blu Ray FTW bitches" and the "3 disc..meh..its not a big lazy? blah..blah.."