PES 2008 PS3 Framerate bugs dependent on the TV?

A few posts have sprouted up that the slow-down on PES 2008 for the PS3 is dependent on the actual TV. HD TV owners are reporting that they have no problems with the game (except for the replays) with some reporting that the game slows-down on a normal non HD-TV and not on something which has the capability to output at a higher resolution.

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power of Green 4872d ago

Yah My PC acts up because of my monitor not.

jromao4872d ago

I'm running PES on SONY LCD 32" BRAVIA (HD) and the game shows some slowdowns, problem shows up more when we play under rain or crowded box.

Anyway, till Konami release the fix, everyone should go to "System Settings" and run "Install" to move about 1.9 GB data from game disk to PS3 HD, that will help to speed up and avoid some annoying frames.

But, the issues with frame rates aren't damaging gameplay at all, game and gameplay still are awsome. 5 starts.

socomnick4872d ago

Really I played pes demo on Xbox live and noticed no framerates also I dint like pes gameplay though preferred fifa a bit.

CG4872d ago

Just except that the PS3 version of Pro evo sucks, both versions have slowdowns but the frame rate on the ps3 version is just shocking and graphically its just not as sharp as the 360 version and the colours are washed out as usual. SHAME ON YOU KONAMI

predator4872d ago

well im having some problems with pro evo online for the 360, that also has frame rate issues plus the lag is terrable at times, also get this i saved a penalty and yet they gave it as a bloody goal, i couldnt believe it, at some times the game is unplayble online, what the hell have you done to this game konami

CG4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

I wasnt saying the 360 version was perfect, i know both versions has really bad lag in online games, and they both have slow downs, but im talking about playing offline.

I have both versions and the 360 version is much better, The game runs A LOT smoother and the graphics are sharper.
To get a decent game on the ps3 i have to turn off all the stadium and weather effects and even then theres still horrible slow downs (depending on which stadiums you select which is just pathetic)

mighty_douche4872d ago

dude you own both versions? im sorry i find that hard to believe.

anyway, i have the ps3 version and ive been playing the 360 at a friends all weekend and in all honesty they are exactly the same, both are fine during gameplay and issues of FPS only seem to show themselves on the replays.

lol and i like the way your trying to suggest that the 360 is 'more powerful', i actually also have the pc version (pirate) on a very high spec pc (which puts BOTH consoles to shame) and it has the exact same problem.

predator4872d ago

@CG- i know dude i wasnt aplaying that u were saying 360 ver is perfect, i was only stating that i cant believe they screwd up both versions. making me consider going back to fifa, dam u konami

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MK_Red4872d ago

Seriously dumb. The only effect TV has is the refresh rate.

mighty_douche4872d ago

ok different tv's has differentvisuals etc but they dont effect frame rates!

also, if its depending on your tv can someone please explain why me and others are having the same issues with the pc version?

Mr PS34872d ago

Game this time around hope its better in every department next year !Did'nt think i,d be doing this but gonna trade it in for COD4

picker3324872d ago

Never really like'd football.
Dont really know why i comment this?
Bored i quess.

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