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IncGamers: Terrorists + London + Ryu Hayabusa = Potential narrative gold.

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SephirothX212714d ago

Another linear beat-em-up. Who cares?

rogimusprime2714d ago

ok mr. emo. take that attitude to the open zo- oh wait.... nevermind.

Who cares about any game if that's the case. Another halo, MW, GOW, Wii.... why even bother waking up?

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this game, but hope this guy is wrong about not being able to get more weapons. I know there is no more muramasa shop, but they better give us more weapons, this ain't 1990 TECMO!!! And who can resist the falcon's talons?

limewax2714d ago

Dont worry, Watching the gamespot reveal on it last night they stated that it will have other weapons in the game, the combat will be based on swordplay, but you will have other weapons to collect and they play into the NG3 story.

Killzone3Helghast2714d ago

take it you didn't play Ninja Gaiden 2 co-op? That was SUPER fun.. most fun I had in a game in awhile

Andreas-Sword2714d ago

Ninja Gaiden is not a Beat-em-up!
Ninja Gaiden is a Action-Game, and a Action-Hack and Slash!
Ninja Gaiden is better than God of War!!!

J-Killer152714d ago

So I guess I should be excited for all of the linear FPS coming out?

See how easy that was.

SephirothX212713d ago

Skyrim is the reason to wake up!

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