Booth Babes Of E3 2011

Nowgamer: The booth babes of E3 have entered into the popular gaming lexicon, for good or bad. With E3’s hedonistic reputation practically restored to the lofty heights it managed to hit a few years ago – you know, before it went all boring for a year – the booth babes have begun sneaking back into the conference in a big way...

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Dart892691d ago

The one that has the Red faction Available dress is fapping material fap fap fap fap fap fap:D.

M-Easy2691d ago

Is it just me or are they wearing more clothes than in years past. And the clothes aren't as tight as they used to be.

Dailynch2691d ago

That's a little bit creepy dude.

M-Easy2691d ago

Dude you submitted the story.

Dailynch2691d ago

Lol, but you sound creepier, that's the trick! :)

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