‘Better With Kinect’: The Worst Phrase of E3

SG: If there’s one thing Microsoft’s press conference was disappointingly chock-a-block with it wasn’t Modern Warfare 3, or even Halo (which came a close second). Nope, if there’s one thing Microsoft wanted to lather the love on more than anything it was Kinect, a device apparently abandoned after last fall’s launch: the device is now being skewered on the ends of Mass Effect 3, Forza 4, Ghost Recon, a new Xbox Kinect Dashboard, and a whole heap of other stuff that was doing just fine before the mischievous, bug-eyed bugger hit the scene.

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Dart892691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Yes of course everything is better with kinect i mean look at COD Black ops it makes you feel like you're in the game/s.

Edit:Epic pix xDDDD.

M-Easy2691d ago

OMG that video is crazy. POW POW POW POW POW POW POW LMAO

SilentNegotiator2690d ago

They replaced walking with doing the jig and made combat simple as 1st grade math. And added in voice control.....using the microphone which I could just as easily use a $5 mic for.

Thanks for improving games, Kinect.

coryok2691d ago

i think "better with kinect" is microsofts mandatory "if accessory is needed for something you have to tell the consumer about it

for example, sony - for ps move - went with something a little less flamboyant: "playstation move compatible"

DigitalRaptor2691d ago

Good to know I'm not the only one who thought this.

hard joe2690d ago

"you are the controller" becomes "better with kinect"
what will it become next time?

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