Steam brings the warfare for less

SystemLink: It's midweek madness for steam users, featuring at least one game you might want to play.

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-MD-2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Garbage games.

Farsendor12691d ago

not too bad still should be cheaper.

STONEY42691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Activision is still being greedy. Games from 2010 go on sale for less than $10 all the time on Steam. COD4 IS FROM 2007. FOR $15. WHILE ON SALE.

For $5 more, you could get Battlefield Bad Company 2, which only released last year. And that's not even on sale right now. It's gone for around $7 or $8 before.

What is this Activision? Then you wonder why your games don't sell on PC... good luck convincing 4chan.

I mean... even Battlefield 3 has dinos.

IaMs122691d ago

HAHA that 4chan post is great. Nice.

CoD5112690d ago

Only... $44.99 for MW2 in Australia WHILE on the Steam sale of 50% off. Would prefer to buy Deus Ex Human Revolution for $44.99, thanks Activision.