Experience a new Battle stage every day on Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Oct. 29th update for Super Smash Bros. Brawl reveals a stage creation feature. As well as a daily stage submission contest where one lucky player will have their stage sent out via Wi-Fi to the rest of the SSBB playing world.

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Prismo_Fillusion4871d ago

I was just beaten to the punch!
This update is unbelievable.
If you thought SSBB had long-lasting power before, now imagine it with unlimited levels!

Oh god, the excitement!

TruthbeTold4871d ago

This game is going to have infinite replay value.

KeiZka4871d ago

It is indeed a very worthwhile addition. Going to love it myself.

DeckUKold4871d ago

i cant wait to beat you all in my stage

ChickeyCantor4871d ago

although this is a cool feature i cant stop thinking of theNExt F-zero having this feature ever lasting will that be ? really!! making your own tracks let others play on it......ARGHHHHHHHHHH.

[/off topic}

nice feature!!!
awesome indeed =D but final destination will do XD

TruthbeTold4871d ago

Just the idea of being able to play the single best new stage developed on a given day from one of our several million fellow Smash fans is awesome. It's one of those features that's so good, that it will be a serious bummer on days you don't get to play and check it out. But then again, on such days we can always get a friend to use the video capture feature so we can at least see it. :D

Padre4871d ago

This is going to be the most played game this generation. Sorry Halo3

john_doe4871d ago

Yep... without no doubt :) it continues to get better every week

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