Gamestop running a 50% bonus credit on Trade-ins

Gamestop through June 16th is running a 50% bonus credit on all games traded in. This is a great deal for the consumer savy gamer. One could pick up some bargain bin games from this generation or the last. Gamers could use the extra credit for the summer releases like inFamous or DNF, or put it toward a fall release say Uncharted 3? Goozernation wants to know what gamers would get with the extra trade in credit?

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Prototype2691d ago

So they're actually giving people what they should get in the first place?

*throws up the finger toward GS*

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Gambit072691d ago

So I'll get $2 instead of $1!

DigitalHorror812691d ago

I think you mean a buck fifty. :o)

cr33ping_death2691d ago

yeah really.... every game i have bought for the past 2 years has been from Target or Best Buy... never again game stop.

LOGICWINS2691d ago

I do. They have great deals on used games such as buy two get one free AND if you don't like the used game, you can't beat it and return it within a week.

Pretty awesome if you ask me.

The only bad thing is the B.S. offers they give you for games..thats why you wait for deals like the 50% trade in bonus.

da305kratos2691d ago

anyone got link to the current trade in values?

*please dont hurt me for asking, lol

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vince862691d ago

I paid $29 for Infamous 2 thanks to this. Good deal.

vince862691d ago

I can't believe somebody disagreed with this statement.

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