Speed Racer game on the way to Wii, DS and PS2

Warner Brothers Interactive revealed a video game tie-in for the upcoming Speed Racer live-action film in 2008. The video game will be developed by Sidhe Interactive, who created the racing-puzzle PSP, PSN and XBL title GripShift. Sidhe will be working closely with the film crew to stay as accurate to the film as possible.

The film is adapted from the 1960s Japanese animated series and will be directed by the Wachowski brothers (i.e., The Matrix trilogy, V for Vendetta.) The film will star Emile Hirsch (The Girl Next Door) as Speed, Christina Ricci as Trixie, John Goodman and Susan Sarandon as Speed's parents, Matthew Fox as Racer X, and the Korean pop singer Rain as Taejo.

The Wii and DS versions of Speed Racer will be available when the film comes out on May 8, 2008. The PS2 version will be available when the DVD is released.

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