PS3 Games of November

November is the biggest month of the year for gaming as such writing this piece has taken far longer than any of my other pieces. We here at PS3informer have created a list of standout titles this month and rate how good we expect the title is going to be based on preview builds and what features are in the game.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4873d ago

Need Money...not enough to buy all.......not even to buy all I want!

Omegasyde4873d ago

I thought about "hooking" the corner for some extra dough, but apparently I am not good looking enough. I guess I will try some other sidejob like Robbery or selling my body to science. Who knows, maybe my "wang chung" will get bigger.

A real Hardcore gamer does anything for games ;)

jackfatal4873d ago

letter to the devs!
if you start with PS3 - is you can create the optimal, ultimate game. And then you can knock out functionality to put it onto other platforms!

and with all these games coming out in November and October and with a price cut!! things looks in ps3 favour!

Rama262854873d ago

If you can wait and have some generous friends/family/relatives, then Christmas is just round the corner and you could perhaps get some/all of these games then! I'm certainly having to put a few games on my 'wish list'!

Mallow4873d ago

There are a bunch of titles, I'm picking up Rock band, Uncharted, CoD4, maybe SoF and maybe Assassin's creed.

I'm still not sure about Assassin's creed.

SabreMan4873d ago

i guess your not buying those mate as i won't be buying the six i am

it seems the muppet disagree troll ghost is around again

ruibing4873d ago

Good list, I am getting Uncharted and Assassin's Creed.

SabreMan4873d ago

Looks like November is looking likely to be the best yet for the ps3 especially with Ratchet & clank coming out on November the 9th for us English gamers

impressive stuff indeed about six titles i will be buying this month

Fighter4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

Uncharted is the only first day purchase for me.

COD 4 looks great but I should save my money for Unreal Tournament III.

Assassins Creed looks interesting but I'm still not sold on the game, I will wait for reviews.

Haze might be really good but too many FPS games to choose from.

I will buy either GH III or Rock Band but not both. Rock Band has more instruments but I only like playing the guitar so far but I may wanna try the drums for a change.

@ Crimson Wolf & Omegasyde

I hear ya buddy. I will be broke because this last quarter of 2007 and most of 2008 will have a lot of good games that are all different and unique. I will most likely be single for all of next year and I will have to hope for those easy chicks to have one nite stands with. They love to drink : )

DrPirate4873d ago

This is my EXACT story.

patriotZero4873d ago

Where is Unreal Tournament 3??

Daishi4873d ago

Not like the delay will hurt anything, gives more people the chance to get Haze!

Leg-End4873d ago

i dont understand how someone can disagree with the fact that he is wondering where ut is