Final Fantasy XIII-2 Team Interviewed

Andriasang: Toriyama and Kitase discuss multiple endings, new gameplay systems, and fighting along side monsters.

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Rage_S902782d ago

I think it's a good idea i know some will disagree, but for me final fantasy has always lack choices even though they have had it for small things like the date mission in ffvii or sin in ffx

Deadman_Senji2782d ago

I'm curious to see how all of this plays out.

Reibooi2782d ago

There are a few things I really wanna know about the game as well.

Mainly are Noel and Serah the only people that are in the party and is that why they made monsters part of the battle system? Or will there be different party members later on.

Where is Snow? Serah is the semi main character this time around and Snow was supposed to be her husband and he hasn't been shown at all from what we have seen? Did something happen to him or are they purposely keeping him out of sight for now?

I have more questions but no point in asking them as no one can really answer em. Guess I will just have to be patient.

Killzone3Helghast2782d ago

if this game has no towns, no real shops and is the same x,x,x,x,x,x,x,L1,x,x,x,x,x,x,x then count me out

Using the Final Fantasy name to make this garbage is disgusting

Hicken2782d ago

They've already said that there would be towns.

limewax2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Actually there are a lot of interesting elements mentioned here, monsters on your team, story being driven by player choice not by forcing the player into the story. And multiple endings, Which he says is a first for the series but it actually isn't x-2 had multiple endings

Most interesting piece is that it will apparently have a new game+ sort of system, except not though, they are looking to implement something different to new game+. this sounds great

ThanatosDMC2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Completely agree. After the first 8 hrs in the game, they at least in incorporated the up and down buttons in FF13... hahaha. Then later on you just have to tap them faster.

This is the missing half of FF13 then?

Redempteur2782d ago

it will probably have teh dlcs that were cut to the disc size of " you know what "

SLLCKGT2782d ago

Although I really liked FFXIII, I understand the problems it came with. Hopefully SE has listened to the fans to make changes. I think they know themselves that FFXIII wasn't loved by all.

Hicken2782d ago

The only problem I had with XIII was that, after a certain point, you had to be flawless with shifting your Paradigms in battle. Every time I play an FF, I expect a different experience from the title before. So far, I haven't been disappointed (yes, this even includes X-2). These changes may not always be popular, but it beats the stagnation of every installment only changing characters and locales.

mastiffchild2782d ago

Over and above the idiot tutorial lasting ten years the big problem for me was the entire combat system which was just...dull and a screen destroying mess of bars. From a design standpoint it was, and remains, disgusting and makes this a non starter for me. Sadly.

Dunno why we're having the system forced on us again.

SephirothX212782d ago

I wouldn't call it disgusting. I think if mp was added and there wasn't a checkpoint before every fight and the party wasn't healed after every fight, the game would be a lot better. I liked the system other than that but I think staggering could be removed. Magic should be used not only to stagger.

no_more_heroes2782d ago

I have two words for you:

Long Gui

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