NGN: Metro: Last Light preview - E3 2011

New Game Network: "Metro 2033 was a surprise hit for many players, and even THQ themselves. Featuring a great atmosphere, frantic gameplay and great visuals, the game became somewhat of a cult hit, prompting a sequel. Metro Last Light is a direct sequel to the original, with the main protagonist Artyom and many supporting characters making a return. During the E3 this year, we had a chance to drop by a very cool subway train-themed booth to check out the new gameplay demo for the game. Fans of the original, you likely have nothing to worry about."

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X-DominusRebellis-X2687d ago

YES!!!! I just started play 2033 again..epic!

ATiElite2686d ago

Very excited about Metro Last Light as Metro 2033 was one of the Best looking PC Games ever and a enjoyable gaming experience. Hopefully 4A Games improves upon the power of the 4A Engine and enhances the game play which so far seems like they have!

can't wait.