The Top 5 Lowlights of E3 2011

Default Prime's top 5 worst things about E3 2011

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LoaMcLoa2689d ago

*1. People who think think Wii U sucks when they haven't seen shit

VampiricDragon2689d ago


the way they presented it was confusing but after all the information was received there was no reason for any hardcore or casual to feel bad

Hell every single damn playthrough and preview of the thing is positive.

Simco8762689d ago


lol dude you have been hitting every WiiU post on N4G. Your a huge Nintendo Fanboy, and I could give a shit.

Just because someone isn't excited about Nintendo's new console doesn't make them a idiot or whatever else. They are just not excited about it...period.

VampiricDragon2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )


"lol dude you have been hitting every WiiU post on N4G."

Because someone has to be reason against haters who hate for hatings sake and dont have a clue about the system and havent tried it.

" Your a huge Nintendo Fanboy, and I could give a shit."

Obviously you do care if you made this post. And for your information I own way more sony seystems than nintendo. About 15 sony things to 10 nitnendo things

"Just because someone isn't excited about Nintendo's new console doesn't make them a idiot or whatever else."

When did I call anyone an idiot in this thread?

Eu2689d ago


You are hiting all WiiU posts allright, and whenever the opinion is unfavorable you criticise it. Mind the opinion of others, if you want to keep taht hype train of yours without being flacked by you're self righteoness....

I could care less about the WiiU, Nintendo explained NOTHING with this, just made a lot of promises, that may or may not come to be true in the end.

All the potential WiiU have may or may not be killed by ONE SIMPLE THING: THE PRICE. Argue with that....

IMO this E3 was weak sauce all around, just EA savbe showing something interesting.

Hicken2689d ago

The Wii U sucks not because it ACTUALLY sucks, but because, after all that talk, we STILL don't know anything about it(well, we know a few things, but not nearly enough).

joelpk2688d ago

We might not know much now but I'm sure come Gamescom/TGS we'll be given the full specs of the system, a price point and a definite list of games.

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KeenanTheSavage2689d ago

Personally, I really don't think that the WiiU is a "lowlight" by any means, but I am a little apprehensive about the device, that's for sure. It will be interesting to see how well it does

frozenfish2689d ago

Great article and very true. You can shove kinect and move up your arses you money hungry biatches! Give me hardcore!!!!!!!!!!!

joelpk2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Yet I know they won't, they think there's money to be made in the casual market. Once they realize that they're too late, Microsoft and Sony will come back with their tails between their legs.

sikbeta2689d ago

Yeah, because Sony totally abandon PS3 gamers and showed crapload of casual bulls*** on this E3 / freaking sarcasm

U3, R3, Infamous2 and Warhawk rocked on the Show (same for PSV, but that's another topic) and the upcoming games will rock as-well, just because they want to gain some casuals, doesn't mean they're forgetting about their core gamers...

joelpk2689d ago

But there was still a distinct lack of any new IPs from them as well. Granted they put on a hell of a better show than Microsoft- I'd take any of those games you listed over the Kinect titles we saw.

CobraKai2689d ago

When they first announced Wii-U, I was immediately reminded of that one chick from "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist". "weeoooo weeoooo weeooo"

jrisner2689d ago

Derp! these top 5 and top 10 lists are worse than ESPN. Why does everything have to be a top 5 list. Is it more dramatic that way?

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