EA: "Battlefield and MOH games in annual rotation"

Develop-online writes: Two EA studios will alternate war-shooter releases each year in a new fight on Activision

EA studios Danger Close and DICE are both locked in a project rotation cycle that mirrors how Activision releases games from Treyarch and Infinity Ward.

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iamnsuperman2692d ago

I wonder what this reminds me of. O that's right COD. Lets hope EA introduces more innovation

DeFFeR2692d ago

The only way this works is if they use Battlefield 3 as the first title, and introduce "Vietnam" type DLC, and not a entirely new game.

EA - if this is true, have you NOT payed attention these last few years? The people who buy your games PLAY THEM FOR YEARS - how about you support those games, but get us for the same amount of money through DLC or other additional means - just don't make all new games every two years.

10 years from now, we'll have Battlefield 8 - hooray... :/

Tank_Commander_E62691d ago

The reasons why I'm cool with this

1. It's DICE
2. No Bobby Kotick
3. Dedicated servers!!

ChrisGTR12691d ago

ohh hell no, MOH sucks ass. the last game was an abomination that should of never existed. :(

BeastlyRig2692d ago

I think this means 2012 MOH & 2013 BF4 and so on..

iamnsuperman2692d ago

Patcher said this. I think that we see moh and a bf ( more likely bad company than battlefield) every other year it makes sense with bfbc making more of any appearence thand bf( making an apperenve every so often)

ATiElite2692d ago

I can see MOH every two years but BF will be BF3 in 2011 and then some huge expansion pak in 2012 then most likely Bad Company 3 in 2013 or Vice Versa.

BF2 went 6 years between a new game because of the huge size of the community and the large amount of content.

Convas2692d ago

You've gotta be kidding me ...

omi25p2692d ago

Dice are releasing two games in the space of 2 years and look how good battlefield 3 looks

Pandamobile2692d ago

You expect EA to not compete with Activision every year?

Convas2692d ago

Well ... it's not ALL bad, it means BCBF3 in 2013, and Battlefield 4 in 2015. I dunno. You're the Battlefield guy, does this please you?

Pandamobile2692d ago

How the hell would I know. I can't predict the future. I don't know how the games will pan out.

Convas2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Getting a little testy there Panda? I simply asked WHAT you thought about this news, being the Battlefield guy you are. I did NOT ask how you thought they were going to turn out.

All I'm saying is that this is a bad move. They are now following Activision into IP oblivion and now could (Emphasis on the COULD) become tired and stagnant like the Call of Duty series (That's what's being said about it on the interwebs at least).

Good games take time to make, and it's now obvious that this whole "Take down COD because we're better quality" schtick was never about quality at all, simply about kicking Activision off the FPS throne and getting their share of billions.

Shackdaddy8362692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

@Clizzz Comming from another BF guy, it pleases me since DICE usually switches it up every game either by adding a lot new things or changing the whole era. Plus They have Bad Company to take a breather.

If MoH gets good again then I could see it being very interesting.

We'll see though. I remember when Acti said they would release annual CoDs I was really happy. That changed pretty quick...

@Panda Ya I was starting to feel that annual vibe too but I thought they would mix Crysis and maybe Respawn's new game in there too.

Pandamobile2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

What I thought about the news? I already knew about the news. It wasn't hard to figure out EA's goals last year when they released MOH.

It's not a Battlefield every year. It's two alternating IPs. It's still a lot more refreshing than the inevitable Call of Duty 2012, 2013, 2014, ... , 2028.

sikbeta2692d ago

That's not the way EA should compete with Milktivision...

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NateCole2692d ago

At least they are fundamentally two different games. COD is the same since 4 with a different name and setting.

SixZeroFour2692d ago

thats the way i see it...cod series vitually look the same and i think run on the same engine just updated parts and that annual release makes CoD fans consider buying the game every year cause its under the CoD franchise

with MoH and BF, i dont think they run on the same engine (could be wrong) and the gameplay and graphics are different, even the campaigns character and story are different...3 different groups of ppl buying these games, MoH fans, BF fans, and FPS fans

the only thing these 2 situations have in common is that EA is releasing an fps every year

metsgaming2692d ago

well it looks to me that they spend way more time on BF and kind of let MOH quality go down and do it quickly kind of like COD

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MrGunny942692d ago

Nope just give me BF 4 in 2015.... BF2 handled me for 5 years :)

HeavenlySnipes2692d ago

that's news to me. Although I don't see the point. The MOH released a short while ago was a stripped down BF game, don't see why anyone would play it over BF3 or a next bad company.

Shackdaddy8362692d ago

Different type of game.

If they go to their roots and try not to make it too real like this last one then it can be fun. Real can be fun but all the thing I remember from the old MoH had a lot of fiction and Hollywood in it. I want that MoH.

I also want WWII back from them. No one does WWII anymore and I want to at least have an option to play a WWII game.

Caleb_1412692d ago

How is this a bad thing? MOH and BF are going to cater to 2 different audiences so i'm banking on them both having fresh and different experiences.

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