E3 Crowns Sony The Winner

NowGamer has spoken to the crowds of E3 to see what their take on the three big conferences were. The winner is clearcut...

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tunaks12688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I was disappointed with all the conferences. And this is a flamebait article with no real content- but hey, whatever generates hits!

TimmyShire2688d ago

Hardly flamebait, it has decent opinions across all three conferences - there isn't actually one negative comment there.

THunt2688d ago

Screaming flamebait is what fanboys scream when their console didn't win.

M-Easy2688d ago

It has decent opinions from all conferences and it speaks the absolute truth. Yeah Sony won.

But its still flamebait with a title like that.

sikbeta2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Come on guys, Sony E3 show wasn't the best, not better than the last E3 and definitely not better than the E309, but this Year, compared to the others, it was the best...

THunt2688d ago

Sony absolutely dominated E3 2011.

Godmars2902688d ago

They won. They did a better presentation than MS or Nintendo which didn't confuse or focus on one thing. They were well rounded.

nolifeking2688d ago

Dominated is much to strong a word for what sony did at e3.

alousow2688d ago

xbox did not show nothing but some games for kids under 10, the wii u is ugly as hell and same old stuff new mario games, sony ps vita was sick n they had some new exclusives never heard before

MysticStrummer2688d ago

Yeah Sony won, but it was a down year in general.

Goaliegeek2688d ago

Wasn't the most exciting E3, but once again Sony won. M$ focused on Kinect mini games, 3rd party games, and 2 exclusives. Nintendo showed off a iPad 2 clone (iOS 5 supports streaming video OTA with AirPlay) and Sony showed off tons of exclusives, new TV hardware, of Vita which is killer. Waiting for GameStop to start pre orders. The worst part about Sony's conference was Kobe playing NBA 2K11, which looked like the wii version and looked boring. point and click.

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The story is too old to be commented.