Day 1 of E3 2011 on the Avault Podcast

Episode #138 of the Avault Podcast stars Mark, Chris, Patrick and Matthew Booth, as they bring you the goods from E3 2011′s official Day One. The guys had a chance to look at some concept art for the upcoming Transformers title, but the big news of the day was the Nintendo Wii U reveal! The team hasn’t had a chance to get up close with the device yet, but there are plenty of first impressions of the console to share. There’s also a recap of the upcoming Nintendo titles, some Sony Vita chat, a look at Activision’s lineup (particularly Prototype 2 and Modern Warfare 3), Battlefield 3, Rage, Prey 2, Skyrim, and The Old Republic. For completely unbiased opinions on the menu of future titles, press play!

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