FroogleGeek: Dear Sony, Why Did You Partner With AT&T For The PlayStation Vita?

I am excited about the PlayStation Vita, it’s the first handheld since the GameBoy Color that I think I will use every day. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is that Sony decided to partner with AT&T exclusively for their 3G model.

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codyodiodi2692d ago

So are you happy with AT&T or do you wish we were given more than one option?

xTruthx2692d ago

maybe we can unlock it and have another service provider! lol

a_bro2692d ago

T-mobile, Simple Mobile...

NukaCola2692d ago

AT&T was Apples Provider for 4 years. Sony wants that market. They should be opening up to more. I call timed exclusive service for the first year. but it really is whatever, cause everyone's data 3G or 4G is the same: $30 USD for unlimited service. Smart Devices require it so it makes no difference. Do wish Sony gets a internal 3G like Kindle's WhisperNet

codyodiodi2692d ago

@NukaCola unlimited plans are going away, AT&T doesn't have unlimited anymore and Verizon is going away with them too.

Silly Mammo2691d ago

It was funny hearing a lot of groans from the audience when Sony flashed the At&t logo.

pain777pas2690d ago

Someone said they are on a global GSM infrastructure which would make the Vita a global plaform in any country you travel to. Verison does not have this.