Zero Punctuation Review - The Witcher 2: Assassins of kings

The industry's harshest critic takes on CD Projekt RED's lastest RPG adventure.

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MintBerryCrunch2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

i sometimes wonder if Yahtzee even likes to game when he rips into sooooooo many games or if he puts on a show because thats what his fans expect of him whenever he comes out with a review

edit: yea definitely agree....its just been awhile since i've seen him praise a game for the majority of one of his video reviews

Ducky2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

He's a gamer at heart.

Most of the games that he rips on deserve it... and the games he actually likes are pretty good (in my opinion).
In some cases, he gets to (or has to?) play a game that isn't exactly his type of game. Such is the case here, but he's only being honest.

Most of his criticism on Witcher2 is valid. It is over-complicated at points, and as he says, he just didn't have fun with it. However, there are people that love the game due to its complexities.

Xof2742d ago

Yet he missed so many, far more valid complaints.

Like the fact that it's so damned short.
That it has so few sidequests.
That the whole choice/consequence thing doesn't really exist any more.
That the game ignores key plot points from W1.
That the narrative becomes horridly unfocused in the third act.
That it's small--only 2 areas to explore, both of which are small.
That there are fewer than 10 types of enemies.
That there's a forced stealth mechanic that only ever pops up twice.

Instead, he spends way too much time emphasizing how douchey PC fanboys are, and poking fun at the "sex geralt sex" bit that doesn't even exist in Witcher 2 at all, despite being a big part of the first game.

floetry1012742d ago

He places an overemphasis on some of the problems a game has, but I'm sure he does enjoy most of them. When he does criticise a game, he's absolutely spot-on about its issues and he goes beyond the general critical analysis to highlight the negative aspects, albeit in a humorous way.

For example, as much as I enjoy LA Noire, I think the problems Yahtzee had with the game are incredibly accurate. He liked the game more than he lets on, but his reviews are free from pandering to the developer or fanboyism for previous games in a series.