OnLive's spend $10, get 100% off sale

Onlive once again has launched another killer deal. Gamers can spend $10 and get a coupon for 100% off either PlayPass, the micro console, or the wireless controller. Some people have even mentioned it may work on games. Goozernation has a breakdown of each of the free options and which is the best choice. With OnLive's growing library and the expansion to tablet devices, now's the time to jump on board.

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juanvan2741d ago

Still Garbage.. You never own the game - please go the way of the dodo

gamingdroid2741d ago

This just seems like a bad deal to me. Pay for the game, you might loose access to it in 3-years and you need a "PlayPass" to get access to the game?

Anyone know who can confirm?

mttrackmaster382741d ago

The owner of Onlive has said that he wants the games to still be available 10 years from now. I still think that's bullshit because you have to pay FULL PRICE for a game you don't even own.

STK0262741d ago

I think some games are in the playpass system, which means you can all play them for a low amount of cash every month, while other, usually newer games, are to be bought or rented.

You dont need to pay for both playpass and the game unless you want playpassand a game not included in it.

kube002741d ago

Great deal to get a micro console