E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Feature One of the Biggest Stories Ever in an RPG

In this exclusive video interview, Lead Writer Daniel Erickson talks about how much story is packed into Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as detail a few aspects of the action and the classes.

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admiralthrawn872688d ago

nobody comments on these games. forgive it for not being a ps3 exclusive. its gonna be AMAZING

Max_Dissatisfaction2688d ago

Anyway, waiting for the console announcement. You know its coming.

Tony P2688d ago

"nobody comments on these games."

Because it's on PC. N4G is heavily a console site.

Good example, The Witcher 2: largely ignored until it slowly bled into a console announcement.

admiralthrawn872688d ago

i honestly believe sony fanboys are afraid of how popular this will be. or of the two

silvacrest2688d ago

im a PS3 fanboy and im hyped for this

is your mind blown yet?

hazelamy2687d ago

this still looks more like a single player game to me, and i'm not gonna pay a sub for a single player game.