Guitar Hero 3 goes on sale, gets unboxed, melts countless faces

Yep, Guitar Hero 3 is officially on sale and everyone and their tattoed mother's picked up a copy (along with the new axes that accompany it). Oh sure, GH2 players making the jump to 3 won't feel like any less like any less of a nerd trying to ape the genuinely cool (that is, if you actually still think The Scorpions are cool), but now your guitar is collapsible and, if you're lucky, wireless. Rock on, Bill, Ted.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4872d ago

Attached is a real "Axe" Guitar. Even though BC Rich suck!

Jackson FTW! :P Pic also of my Fav Jackson Guitar

TrenchaunT4872d ago

Selling a sequel within a year of the previous installment seems to me an admission that either the previous or latest game really sucks.