Joystiq - Battlefield 3 preview: Getting our PC multiplayer on with some classy changes

Imagine you're invited over to friend's place to watch Willy Wonka i.e. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You know Willy Wonka, you really enjoy it and you're totally ready to sing along to "Pure Imagination" (in your head) with Gene Wilder for the umpteenth time. But, when you show up, it's the Johnny Depp version. It's still great, but you don't really know it as well. That was my Battlefield 3 E3 preview experience.

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AKissFromDaddy2780d ago

Sniper are always getting nerfed in every game. Makes me sad. Snipers are fun.

LeonVesper2780d ago

Playing a Recon where they are tactically needed within the perimeter of the objectives, to provide intel to the entire team is fun and rewarding and why I play the class from time to time. This actually hurts me to an extent, since I am the guy who unfortunately ends up using this class in Bad Company 2 in the correct manner to help my team out on the front lines. Granted... without word of any potential form of spotting tool, aka Bad Company 2 Recon motion mines, it's going to be less of an incentive to play the Recon class in this game... I will try it for laughs and a change of pace, but it won't be a class I will try to invest myself into.