The PSVita Could Be A Good Omen For PS3 Owners

Sony more than likely knows a large segment of their PS3 audience have been clamoring for improvements to the aging XMB interface. Even more desired is a unified party system for PSN that supports cross-game voice chat, which is the holy grail of online social/community gaming. Over the years, I used to hope for US and EU arms of Sony Computer Entertainment to have pushed back on the home office in Japan for permission to allow them to develop the ability on their own and if successful, eventually migrate it to the Japanese PS3 market. Fat chance huh?

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DigitalRaptor2779d ago

Things can only get better!

Xof2778d ago

Who's been clamoring for changes to the XMB?

The XMB is one of the simplest, most intuitive interfaces ever devised. The Vita's "let's throw every icon in a big pile on the 'desktop' theme is about ten-thousand steps backwards--being only slightly better than MS-DOS.

Parapraxis2778d ago

XMB is simple and effective.
I don't need to see a circus show just to play a game or change a setting.

FragGen2778d ago

While I think they need to be careful in moving away from or changing the XMB, which is a wonderfully clean and effective interface, IMHO, they probably made changes for Vita due to it being a portable touch screen device. For the consoles, I hope they keep it simple if they do make changes the XMB really does need fixing IMHO. I like it way better than my Wii or X360's interface.

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blumatt2778d ago

It's good to see cross game chat and a party system on the PS Vita. We may see these features implemented on the PS3 in the near future, but most likely they'll keep those features for the PS4 as a selling point. Plus, it would be a bit difficult to add them to the PS3 so far into its lifecycle. On the PS4, they could standardize it (like on the PS Vita) so it would be on every game.

looza2778d ago

Some people don't like the XMB interface for what ever reasons. I just hope if they do make a whole new interface they have an option to revert to the old one.

PirateThom2778d ago

I think the Vita interface works well because it's touch screen, but the icons have an off set alignment, which requires a "diagonal" movement to click it.

XMB is perfectly fine for a controller, but it needs tidied up a bit.

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