E3 2011: our John Carmack video interview covers Rage, the PC, and gamma corrected anti-aliasing

"John Carmack knows everything. As well as being a literal rocket scientist, and knowing how to choke the life-force out of a man double his size, he was lead programmer on two of gaming’s enduring classics: Doom and Quake. At the moment, he’s on the press junket for Rage over in LA – but that hasn’t blunted the man’s razor sharp knowledge of technology and its application to games. Tim managed to pin him down for a twenty minute interview about Rage, why the PC is “orders of magnitude” above the consoles in power, and pixel fidelity. An absolute must-view for people with even a vague interest in the future of hardware."

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BubbleSniper2741d ago

I like it when Carmack speaks.

superadvanced2740d ago

the nerd king. speaks the truth

downwardspiral2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

i agree with him about games looking fantastic enough these days that we can focus more on gameplay rather than graphics.

andron2741d ago

Interesting interview. No pr bull here....

Reibooi2741d ago

Carmack is one of my idols in the gaming industry. Not only can he create some of the best looking games ever with the tech he makes but he knows that graphics are not everything and that good game play will matter just as much as how the game looks.

Can't wait to play Rage and more then that can't wait to see what Id makes next.

Counter-Strike2741d ago

Don't forget they are still working on DOOM 4!

BlackKnight2740d ago

It's great to see an interview actually going into the details of framerate and input lag and all these facts he goes over. Straight talk. As a tech lover, watching this is great, just GREAT. Not dumbed down shit or PR crap.

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