Microsoft Needs To Step Up Their Game in Terms Of Xbox 360 Disc Size

Since the reveal of the Nintendo Wii U and the fact that it will be able to use discs that can store up to 25GB of data, is it time for Microsoft to step up their game in terms of Xbox 360 disc storage?

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JsonHenry2780d ago

Too late in the game. Just get it right next gen.

Lazyeye792780d ago

This gen is almost over, it would be a waste now. but next gen Microsoft will definitely be using a bigger size. I just wonder if it will be blu-ray or proprietary.

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Peaceful_Jelly2780d ago

using a proprietary disc wouldn't that be more expensive than just using blu-ray?

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xxLuckyStrike2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

*More games*
*Disc space is irrelivant at this point with next gen right around the corner..

Less Kinect
Less Halo,
Less Gears!!!

All that money BUY A CLUE!!!

Foxgod2780d ago

If the 360 manages to have multi games out on dvd until the start of the new gen.
Then it proofs that the DVD was right for them this gen.

If in the coming years, devs will drop support for the 360 due tot the dvd disc cap, then it will have been a bad decision.

so far, for 6 years now, the games have kept coming.
Heck, even Skyrim is coming to the 360, most massive game in existence, with more then 300 hours of gameplay.

iamtehpwn2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

When even Nintendo is ahead of you, you know you're behind.

Foxgod2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Well, the Wii-U will be the strongest console next year.
So all of the competition will be behind.

(By far the strongest gpu, and highest clocked processor).
And before you even start, clock cycles are more important to gaming then single floating point Flops.

Shackdaddy8362780d ago

People who disagree with Foxgod think anything 6 years old will be more powerful than something new?

Fat Onion2780d ago

I think MS disc size has been sufficient so far. I am sure them choosing DVD over Blu Ray from the start made the system at least $100.00 cheaper to the consumer...which I think was worth it.

Now with the new update, there will be an extra 2GB of space on disc so they will not need to compress as much.

People on here act like most games on 360 are on multiple disc when it is only just a small number of them. All of my games came on 1 disc, all the games I ever rented came on 1 disc.

FlintGREY2780d ago

@ Fat Onion

Really? Xbox games cost exacty the same as PS3 games, as well as the console (with a hdd).

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Legion2780d ago

So it wasn't a big deal for MS when they were competing directly with PS3 and it's much larger disc size.... but now that Nintendo has a disc size half that of PS3 it dictates that MS needs to worry about Nintendo?

Not seeing the reasoning? Nintendo is not a threat to MS or Sony when it comes to next generation systems. By the time Nintendo even roles out with their new system MS and Sony will be on the verge of advertising their new systems and Nintendo will just be late to the party technology wise again.

They should just stick with the casual market and make money. Loosing money in such a desperation move to try to appear to be next generation is a failing option.

Lazyeye792780d ago

thats because Microsoft had Nintendo on their small disc size side, but now that Nintendo went to a bigger format Microsoft is all alone and now it matters lol.

Also Nintendo always seem to be a generation behind when it comes to tech.

lil Titan2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

@Legion playing a 360 i shouldnt have to worry about finding all three disc to play ONE game. during the PS2 and 1 days it was acceptable since the tech was not there but now it is and its clearly seen there should be no excuse. MS was being stuborn when they released there system early. they should have went with HD DVD and they didnt so STOP DEFENDING A STUPID DECISION. i be fair i would say the same thing about Sony if they didnt adopt one of the new disc formats. its what these company's should do look at the PS1 CD PS2 DVD its all about going forward and offering the best product

jetlian2780d ago

lil people should be sleeping! seriously get sony ^%$# out your mouth. sony themselves were in this same situation last gen. And they already have games near 50gb level.

So they could need 2 disk soon.whats sad is 7-8 gb games still playing better than the 20+ gb versions

lil Titan2779d ago

people need to READ MORE did i not say if you where READING "during the PS2 and 1 days it was acceptable since the tech was not there but now it is and its clearly seen there should be no excuse."

and are you forgetting blu-ray can hold WAY more than 50GB, and a update would only be needed to play those type of blu-ray disc which i maybe mistaken. but im not seeing not alot of people are nearing that 50GB limit i mean battlefield 3 is coming with a second game on the disc so how much is BF3 space taking on the blu-ray hmm you need to read more and stop ridiculing and understand more, you might get further in life

Legion2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Finding 3 disks??? What are you doing hiding them under your pillow or something?

As for bluray... Sony adopted it to push their format nothing more. As they always do they try to push a media storage that will help them make more profit by securing a media type that they are directly invested in.

Though the Bluray is great for storage space it is a bottle kneck when it comes to reading data due to the speed.

As for HD, MS could have pushed that media but knew that it would force their hands early in the adoption of an untested media in the market at that time. And the deal on the table was already made that prevented their adoption of it for gaming. Some of the pains of being the first system out of the block for next generation.

If Sony was smart they would have pushed a better media then Bluray... but I am not knocking them for their marketing of a product that doesn't fit as well with gaming as say the HD disks would have... as it does allow them to have more control of a footprint in the media format and it's adoption is one of the sol reasons that Bluray has become popular today.

DVD 9 is lacking in memory size... and next generation media will surely be of a higher capacity for MS. But... Bluray will NOT be the game media for next generation due to it's limitations in access speed. I am curious as to what will be the next generation media.

As we know... MOST games do not need the space that Bluray offers. But they do need the read speed that DVD 9 offers. How does Sony get around that...? They push the need to load to the hard drive... thus helping to minimise the speed issue. MS on the other hand has the cpacity issue which they solve by the simple multi disk variable. Two options for two seperate issues.

But again... none of this is really that big an issue for MS in THIS generation. And for the statement that was made here that "Microsoft Needs To Step Up Their Game in Terms Of Xbox 360 Disc Size"... really what are they supposed to do...? Change their media mid generation? How stupid are some people and their articles?

jetlian2779d ago

bluray is capped at 50 gb dude. its not software upgradable either

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Fox012780d ago

It's like saying "the Wii has to step up their game in terms of graphics".
It's stupid because you know there's nothing they can do about it.

chanmasta2780d ago

Yes there is, and this is proved by the recent update that begun allowing 10GB discs to be used.

BrianC62342780d ago

That's all Microsoft can do. I doubt they can get more than 10GB on DVDs. Their next option would be an add-on people would have to buy.

chanmasta2780d ago

Wtf? Why the disagrees? I stated that increasing the capacity of a disc is not the same as increasing graphics on an already made console.

Please, tell me what's false about that. I'd like to know.

scotchmouth2780d ago

It was a smart move on N's part. Today's games contain more and more content. While 360 can always utilize more then one disk, it really will start showing it's age.

5119ent2780d ago

screw the disc size...what about the games they are puttin on it

C0MPUT3R2780d ago

The game is limited to the disc size. *DERP*

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