Halo 4 will "get back to what Halo is about" - Microsoft

OXM UK: "343 Industries' Halo 4 will "live up to what gamers fell in love with" about Bungie's original while "bringing new customers into the fiction", according to Microsoft Games Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer."

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xtremexx2693d ago

Awesome Space Action, Story, And Muliplayer!

fr0sty2693d ago

space marines shooting at each other online? wasn't that what the last 5 halo games were about?

nilamo2693d ago

soldier shooting at eachother online? Isn't that what the last hundred FPS games were about?

EVILDEAD3602692d ago

Back to the Chief baby! Love 343 is infusing new energy into the is good


dirigiblebill2693d ago

Warthog punting! WARTHOG PUNTING.

Convas2693d ago

Playing as a Spartan II again? The Luckiest, most badass one at that? Yeah, I'm in!

Munky2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Plus Fred, Linda and Kelly (and the other SIII's), I'm excited man!

GoldPS32693d ago

So the last Halo's wasn't about Halo? I get it now.

bestofthebest2693d ago

halo needs a new gritty look instead of the old cartoonish look and also the guns need to be better

nilamo2693d ago


Don't want killzone's drab style in my halo please. Halo's style is unique and that's how it should stay.

bestofthebest2693d ago

I didn't say killzone I wouldnt want that either just something a little more advanced in the visual style.

EvanVolm2693d ago

Gritty these days mean darker/browner. No thanks. The first Halo was pretty colorful, which I liked.

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The story is too old to be commented.