Explosive Multiplayer Footage of Battlefield 3 Surfaces

GR - "New footage of Battlefield 3 has surfaced from E3 2011. The footage is of the game's multiplayer mode, that feature a run through an underground subway, in flames and besieged by numerous militants."

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Dart892688d ago

Man that looks so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye:D.

snipermk02688d ago

I just hope it has deep weapon customization options and I'm sold!! (not like I ain't already). :)

Mr Patriot2688d ago

Amen to that bro, the more the merrier btw Im dyin to see the console versions, I know it wont look so good but since i dont have a beast rig, gotta go with my PS3 :)

M-Easy2688d ago

PC? Come on show me console. i know it wont look as good but I'm sure it will be amazing. You have nothing to hide EA & Dice.

snipermk02688d ago

@mr patriot

Yea, same here. My pc wud struggle to play even minesweeper to begin with, let alone this! I'm hoping the ps3 version looks good tho I don't think it wud come close to what's possible on a PC.

Tank_Commander_E62688d ago


What are you talking about the PS3 IS A BEAST RIG. ; )

Gustav Halling!/gusta...

"Poor guy, hes been waiting for 3 hours to play and are disturbed with 100 questions :P"

the livestream was horrible/hilarious. lol

Tank_Commander_E62688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I haven't touch BlOps in over a month(except for zombies). I can't wait for BF3!! So excited! XP

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PRHB HYBRiiD2688d ago

i love the engineer class i love rushing and fixing stuff plus taking helis down with the tracer hopefully there will be some great smg's in bf3 :D

Ascalon942688d ago

Its the all around best class right now

movements2688d ago

It's all PC stuff. I'm not impressed. Show me console and then we'll talk.

BiggCMan2688d ago

This game is being built from the ground up on PC, and that is making long time fans extremely happy. They deserve a dedicated Battlefield title from DICE after they have been focusing on consoles for the past few years. This still benefits the consoles though, because they will be ported from a game already looking amazing, and running perfect. You have nothing to worry about with the ports.

DeadIIIRed2688d ago

@BiggCMan just because DICE feels compelled to patch things up with their PC fan base doesn't mean console gamers should just suck it up. PC version will be the best no doubt, but at least give us 36 player battles. We deserve that considering we're going to pay them $30 more than PC gamers.

Pl4sm42688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

@BiggCMan .. no u dont .... pc gamers dont deserve anything because all u are gonna do is hack , pirate, and modify the game beyond recognition .. and thats pretty sad considering the quality of the game .. and dont tell me that people dont do that . Oh and the ps3 can do 64 players BTW .. DICE is just too lazy to do it

KeiserSosay47882688d ago

@ Pl4sm4
I like how you assumed that ALL PC PLAYERS hack their online games. Jeez, what a terrible troll...
Has BF2 been hacked "beyond recognition"??? Didn't think so. Yes, PC players deserve this because we didn't get BC1 OR 1943 and the BF franchise STARTED on PC. If PC gamers sat through that then why can't you just wait for your console version?

So PS3 can do 64 players with full destruction, great graphics, and huge draw distances??? Name ONE game that can...ONE.

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slayorofgods2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

"It's all PC stuff."

Wow! The pc can show off mind blowing graphics from Witcher 2 and Battlefield 3 with the likes we have never seen before. Yet the pc just can't get any respect around here.

KeiserSosay47882688d ago

Completely agree...

BF3 is mainly focused on PC players. Sure, DICE always wants new people to buy their game, but they are definitely catering to the fans that made them who they are today and those are PC PLAYERS.

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MidnytRain2688d ago

I don't know; I'm not sure of the gameplay vids I've been seeing. I don't know if it is just the PC players, but the game looks very twitchy and fast-paced, which is unlike BFBC2, which I loved. I play on the PS3, so there may be differences.

Oldman1002688d ago

Loving the character and weapon movement.

smurfz2688d ago

Mind = BLOWN! Can't wait!

SixZeroFour2688d ago

console version, where are you?

Inside_out2688d ago

The first guy he spoke to was a creative lead from RESPAWN...formerly Infinity Ward. To bad the interviewer is so dumb other wise we could of got the scoop on what Respawn is up to.

It seems Dice wants to wait till launch to show the console version...wonder what they have to hide???

NiceGuy1922688d ago

there will be an open-beta the month before it releases on all three consoles, so there's no need to worry about buying the pig in a poke.

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