Nintendo release Wii U Demonstration Video

Nintendo Universe writes:

Nintendo have released a new Wii U Demonstration Video, providing a new insight for the console and its unique controller.

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christheredhead2779d ago

i really like the possibilities that can come from, what is essentially, a more advanced form of a ds. everything so far has looked overwhelmingly awesome, which isnt much as of yet. i will be a day 1 consumer of the wii u. the more i hear about the console the more im intrigued as to how games will function. nintendo does a great job of creating unique experiences and i cant wait to see more titles in action.

insomnium22779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Ummm.. I'm kinda confused... Do you need a Wii 2 console AND this Wii U in order to play with the Wii U? Or is Wii U the next Wii 2?

I'm wondering how will the Japanese think of this Wii U since it's so big. Hardly a convenient portable device is it? I mean you have to really put some thought into tightening your pants with a device like that. Bigger pockets too.

bluegoblin2779d ago

wii u is the next console, and thats the new controller for it

ThePsychoGamer2779d ago

Nintendo desperately needs to start announcing WiiU games and showing us those on it. not just tech demos

Sano642779d ago

why do that when it's not comming out for over a year? If the anounce anything too soon Sony will just try to copy

n4f2779d ago

watch sony announcing ps4