Nintendo's Upcoming First Party Wii Games

Game Podunk writes, "Nintendo's conference may have been a bit confusing regarding the Wii U, and ultimately in the process they ended up ignoring their upcoming Wii games (except for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) and DS games."

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NESpower2742d ago

Does anyone agree: the images of Link on those colored big birds is already iconic to

LoaMcLoa2741d ago

They forgot Xenoblade Chronicles, though it has only been announced for Europe I think it's worth mentioning.

pepsilover_20072741d ago

im so excited for the new zelda game, just gotta finish twilight princess and then get this and wii motion plus it is gonna be epic :)

tunaks12741d ago

no TLS and pandora's tower...

AWBrawler2741d ago

I really wanted Last Story