Piñatas sure know how to party

Krome Studios really hit the mark with Viva Piñata: Party Animals. From the flashy graphics and amusing animations, to the over-the-top voice acting and fantastic soundtrack, to the creative Challenge games and furious foot-races, VP Party Animals is a premier party game that I highly recommend for everyone.

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Zhuk4878d ago

This game is looking to be really fun, i'll be picking this up to play over christmas with the family

wageslave4878d ago

I'm going to be buying this title as a gift for both nephew/niece households.

I loved the demo, sharp graphics, great gameplay. The racing has super re-play value.

I forsee a must-own for anyone looking for pick-up fun gameplay.

marionz4878d ago

ive been looking forward to this game, im in need of a decent party game, i just tried scene it and its not really my thing but party animals is perfect

wageslave4878d ago

In spite of the reviews, we have fun @ my place with Fuzion Frenzy 2.

predator4878d ago

this is actually sounding really good, the demo is actually fun to play, a real suprise