Zdnet Talks Up PS Vita

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes have written a great article on the Vita. This article also includes some great videos never before seen for the Vita, so hop over to the link

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zoks3102689d ago

WOW some of those trailers look like PS3 games.

b163o12689d ago

I can't believe this is going to be out for the holidays. I'm buying two just to sale one @a inflated price.

:D capitalism!!!

sikbeta2689d ago

Only one word needed: *AMAZING*

DigitalHorror812689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Does anybody know if it will be E-reader capable for PDFs? That would be a huge selling point for many.

Also, any word on flash internet, perhaps?

Edit: Yeah, Zoks, these games look amazing.

First day purchase for me.

farhad2k82689d ago

It will have a upgraded browser compared to the PSP.. it will be on par with the PS3's web browser. So I'm guessing there will be flash.

It's a Quad Core and it has enough RAM, I think Flash would be easy to implement on that device.

I seriously can't wait for the VITA.

DJMarty2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Sony said info on apps for the PSVita will come later, also flash and other functions not ruled out.

barb_wire2689d ago

The more I see of Vita - the more I want it..

Wonder what the price of the games will be?

chaos-lockheart2689d ago

The game wont cost over $59.99 for sure

Mr Tretton2689d ago

I really want to know how much function there will be between PSV and PS3

Studio-YaMi2689d ago

You are CEO of SONY America and you're asking this !?

*towelie voice*
Mr wanna get high ?

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