Modern Warfare 3's Survival Mode Detailed -

Is it even possible to get excited by a wave-based survival mode in 2011? Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward clearly seem to think so, offering up this Survival mode as part of Modern Warfare 3's returning two-player Spec Ops package.

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ozone30002691d ago

something different...oh wait

_CoD-Pro_2691d ago

i hated special ops in mw2 but love zombies in black ops too bad there not putting zombies in it :(

MasterD9192690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Spec Ops Horde mode= Zombies (with guns)

MW2's spec ops mode was just a handful of missions. This time it sounds like waves of enemies coming at you on different maps (which sounds just like zombies but they shoot at you).

Makes sense considering Activison's plans for DLC. They know how valuable Zombies is to the franchise and I'm sure want another portion that can help them squeeze every dime out of gamers considering Spec Ops wasn't really anything last time.