Ono: Tekken fans may get to like “a little taste of Street Fighter”

Yoshinori Ono has been discussing how his latest fighting game is designed to give Tekken fans a “little taste of Street Fighter” – and “they might get accustomed to it and like it”

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Kee2692d ago

They might never want to go back to their not playing street fighter ways again.

Lord_Sloth2692d ago

With the size of that roster, Little is definitely the proper word...

Ddouble2692d ago

How many characters in the roster?

Lord_Sloth2692d ago

Last I heard it was about 13 with 6 from each side +Cole.

Ddouble2692d ago

I doubt that because we've already seen 6 SF characters already.

Chun Li

Looking at MvC3 and SFAE there's no way it'll just be 13. Usually, Capcom gradually show us more characters as we approach the release date.

I_am_Batman2692d ago

Let's face it: Tekken sucks, SF Rulez

Lord_Sloth2692d ago

Now now. I like Street Fighter just as much as the next guy but Tekken rocks!

GodGinrai2692d ago

cant wait for this. i love a good fighting game and the vid ive seen for this look pretty intense.

FlintGREY2692d ago


I hate Street Fighter...nothings changed since SF2

Lord_Sloth2691d ago

Oh it's definitely changed. Maybe not for the better, but it's changed.