Nintendo's 2011 E3 Press Conference: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

XMNR: Of the big three, Nintendo’s 2011 E3 Press Conference was likely the most anticipated due to having brand new hardware to show off. Everyone had an inkling of what was coming due to various leaks but nothing solid.

How did Nintendo do? Like last year, we took a day to ruminate and think so let’s look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly plus some missing stuff.

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taylork372688d ago

No mention of how Nintendo completely failed to acknowledge the actual console, which ended up confusing the ever-living crap out of everyone?

Queasy2688d ago

It was an oddity but I wasn't confused because a) I saw the little console in the pics and b) everyone knows it is new hardware.

MoreRPG2688d ago

the controller look expensive

strickers2688d ago

Only one will work with each machine and it won't be sold without console.

strickers2688d ago

No mention of the fact there were no games for the new machine or the fact that all the same noises of potential,innovation and endless possibilities were stated when Wii was first scene.

6 months later most core gamers disliked it(the worst games machine I've ever owned).

How about the fact that a whole evening on an FPS with that pad looks like it will fall well short of the Dualshock/360 pad experience or that new is not always best,sometimes tools fine tuned over years are better than vague touchscreen shat.
Touchscreens for games are over rated.