X360 Magazine: Nintendo wins E3 (just…)

360 magazine in ‘voting for the enemy’ shock…

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death2smoochie2691d ago

No one won.
This was one of the worst E3 in recent memory.
Everything shown was either leaked or we already knew about it months and months before.
The only so called surprises was the price of the Vita and Nintendo's new controller.
MS fared the worst but not one of these companies should be singing praises of victory because each show was lackk luster compared to previous years.

solidworm2691d ago

I think they were generous giving MS a 5 actually but kudos for admitting MS show sucked balls.

StbI9902691d ago

Dude vita alone won the whole fcking show, so fck off, VITA WON, u hear me??? VIVA LA VITA.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2691d ago

Agreed. The Vita pricing was the show stealer. The Wii U (besides the ridiculous name) looked interesting, but I'm not sold on a new console that has equal power to a console that's been around for 5 years. The best thing about MS's was the kinect Ghost recon demo. Halo 4 sounds good but was expected.

Cant wait to play Shinobido 2 on Vita. Hope it too has a ps3 sku for data transfer. We need more stealthy ninja games.

schlanz2691d ago

People have seriously short memories. This wasn't a great e3 but far, far from being the worst. You don't even need to go back 5 years to find worse.

rexbolt2691d ago

nintendo won. so far i have zerro intrest in the vita ill no use for it to me i dont care for uncharted killzone and all the rest of those games not saying they are bad just not me i think i seen way to many uncharted games in a short amount of time they need to space them out more like nintendo does with zelda so we can miss the game so yeah and im not buying the vita anytime soon unloess i se something i want

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