Mario Party 9 Confirmed, Xenoblade and The Last Story Nowhere to be Seen

1UP's Chris Pereira writes, "It's always possible that Nintendo is holding off on these three games to release for Wii U, or it could let another publisher bring them to North America. Whatever the case, it doesn't appear that any of these three titles is headed here in the near future."

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Reibooi2687d ago

yeah I REALLY want Last Story. From what little I have been able to see it looks like the best game the Wii has and the fact that Nintendo doesn't seem intent on releasing it hear is really disheartening.

iforgotmylogin2688d ago

Last story , xenoblade wiiu plz

LoaMcLoa2687d ago

I can't wait a whole year! D: I want it atleast this holiday

But atleast Xenoblade's coming here in Europe : )

Infernostew2687d ago

These titles should be localized already. Nintendo of America is such a joke.

TacoTaru2687d ago

No wonder my Wii collects dust.

TheColbertinator2687d ago

I want either one.Come on Nintendo stop screwing around.

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