MotorStorm 3.0 ready to rumble

MotorStorm's next patch has just been released on the PlayStation Network, and yes, it includes rumble support.

If you wish to update your version of the game, simply head online in MotorStorm and you'll be prompted to begin downloading patch v3.0. For the full list of changes click the link.

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Violater4873d ago

Should be like a brand new game when we get the controller.

smart_head4873d ago

Evolution Studios is doing a great job with providing updates to the game on a regular basis. However, my ultimate dream will come true when we all get to play Motorstorm splitscreen. In due time, people, in due time. I have faith in the devs.

uxo224873d ago

I guess the makers of Motorstorm are going to continue to tell the people out there with HDTVs that don't support 720p to F*ckoff!

That's two updates that I can remember in the last past where they have still ignored thousands of people's request to add 1080i support to this game. Fine, I don't care what their next IP is or how good is it, I refuse to buy another game from the makers of motorstorm until motorstorm gets 1080i and if that means never, then I'm fine with that too.

And the best way to get them off their A$$es is for others with the same problem to follow suit. I have to take this game to a friends house whenever I want to play it. And that is just Bullsh!t, when the PS3 was being advertised by Sony, this SH!T was NOT suppose to happen!

oohWii4872d ago

haha...I noticed that your last comment (Above) has costed you a bubble....that funny. I guess as long as you've been here, you haven't learned yet that ANY thing you say that is NEGATIVE about sony will cost you a bubble or two. It doesn't matter if you're wrong or right, the haters will get you. Also, some people have figured it out. There are a lot more people on this site that praise sony than those that like the 360. So if you want more bubbles, say negative things about the 360 they'll flood you with bubbles.

Oh well, that's how it goes I guess wrath by bubble compliments of Sony Fanboys.

uxo224872d ago

I'm glad to see you can find some humor in this. I don't! Also I can give a rat's A$$ if these idiotic morons take away bubble because they don't want me to voice my opinion. I am not going to stand and let anyone stick it to me because I don't want to piss of the fanboys.

They can take all my bubble for all I care. It still doesn't change the fact that by now motorstorm should have 1080i support. Hell the damn game was support to have 1080p support from the start. I honestly believe that they my may not be able to maintain the framerate if they go higher than 720p. And if that's the case, just say that and then I would understand; but to just ignore people then expect them to buy your product is just stupid.

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Shaka2K64873d ago

Dont care for rumble, but as usual Sony 1st party always listens to their fans, good job Sony.

unsunghero284873d ago

It actually does enhance the immersion for a game, and is actually necessary in some instances- on PS3, I find myself occasionally not noticing that someone is shooting me in the back.

Rumble's very nice, Sony should have had it from the get-go.

AllroundGamer4873d ago

we neeeed Warhawk 1.1 update tooo!!! they said it will be available by the end of this month, are they waiting for the last day?? :(

crazy250004873d ago

lol man, they killin my patience, but as long as its done ill be kool with it

Bnet3434873d ago

if the dualshock 3 comes with PS3 that are out right now and which ones? Because I dont want to buy a PS3 that comes with SIXAXIS and then waste money on buying a dualshock 3. if anyone knows please say, thanks :)

PlayStation3604873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

the PS3 will be packaged with the rumble controller in spring of next year for US and UK.

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