SG E3 2011: Gamers will always run back to Nintendo

Sarcastic Gamer discusses the seemingly unbreakable goodwill that Nintendo has with gamers.

From the article:

"You really have to admire Nintendo. Each time that you think they’re down and out … BOOM … they come back with an awesome announcement that drops jaws to the floor."

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slavish32779d ago

i havent been back since n64

Peaceful_Jelly2779d ago

same here... I borrowed a GC from a friend and played the first Metroid Prime and Wind Waker and that's it.

sikbeta2778d ago

GC >>> Wii, you missed it pal :P MGS: Twin Snakes was damn good

Skip_Bayless2778d ago

There's a lot of fans that like the Nintendo 1st Party games. They get excited for the smallest things. I am not yet convinced that th WiiU will be able to garner the same kind on 3rd party support like the PS3/360 and also have a robust online as them. The next Sony and Ms system is coming out and will without a doubt crush the WiiU with better online, better tech, and more features.

captain-obvious2778d ago

i wont be running back to them
not with the BS they are trying to pull off

let the casuals have them if they want casuals

ikkokucrisis2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

@ sikbeta

Remember Viewtiful Joe on GC?!

I loved that game :))))

scofios2778d ago

Don't forget resident evil 0 , remake , and 4 . to the game cube list .

sikbeta2778d ago

@ikkokucrisis and @scofios

Of course I don't forget those game pals, I enjoyed them non-stop, my most played games on the GC:

·TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
·Viewtiful Joe

Good old days :D

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iamnsuperman2779d ago

Not been back since the Gameboy. I lot of people forgive and more so with Nintendo. It shouldn't be about forgiveness and sticking with a brand but going for the one that offers you the best gaming experience. I will not know if I should get this until the net Microsoft/Sony cycle to see what they offer (only can afford one really)

Eu2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Last thing Nintendo I had was the GB Advance...never looked back and it doesnt looks like I will ever go back to that...

People are generalysing way too much....I lknow lots of people who outgrew Nintendo IPs and dont want to go back for nothing, and some of those are teenagers, not even young adults yet.

Eu2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

LMAO at the disagrees...amazing how people want to disagree with someone that they dont even know or live around to confirm or negate the info he said...pathetic fanboys.

NickIni2778d ago

I suggest you look up the meaning of the word disagree.

How does agreeing/disagreeing with someone make you a fanboy :|

Just when I thought this comment section couldn't get any less illogical...

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SSKILLZ2778d ago

Haven't been back since day 1

NESpower2778d ago

Haven't left since the NES. :)

NovusTerminus2778d ago

I was there with the Gamecube... Mostly due to Smash Brothers Melee and Phantasy Star Online. I don't think I am coming back this time.

saoco2778d ago

ha ha snes was the last one i had. you can blame sony, or rather youself (nintendo), for F-n sony, driving them to create the PS brand.

SKUD2778d ago

Damnit nintendo. You still done hear us.

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