SG E3 2011: PlayStation Vita aims for diminishing market

Sarcastic Gamer discusses the PlayStation Vita, and the future of portable gaming.

From the article:

"Portable gaming hardware, designed primarily for portable gaming, just seems to be dying – or at least in serious jeopardy."

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supremacy2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I think it all comes down to personal prefference i dont think anyone can say for sure.

I mean many here are quick to jump and say the 3DS is a failure, but they fail to see its sales are reasonable and it launched with a weak line up of games.

Also the currencies between phone games and handheld games are not the same.

Just put 40 dollar games versus 99 cent games, there's clearly a difference there. Though this may seem like an advantage for phone gaming, most developers don't see it that way due to the royalty differences.

Sony thought ahead this time and built a platform to support various markets.

PlayStation suite is an example of what i am talking about.

The dedicated handhelds will fare well so as long as they have compelling games of their own.

Angry birds, its a nice little game but you cant compare that to pokemon,zelda, mario, god of war, uncharted, resistance ect.

The way i see it? once these handhelds are say...out for atleast a couple of years and have more games and are cheaper. Then newer phones with more powerful chips are likely to launch.

But... honestly people will still buy their dedicated handhelds and their games. Its been like that despite the rise of phone gaming, though i will admit things have change.

jack_burt0n2687d ago

it needs to cover itself as a tablet, open office, web email, decent ereader, divx, 720p vid it can slice into the tablet market great extra boost.

strickers2687d ago

I'm not sure if it's true or not but in my eyes it is wrong.Touchscreen smartphones are shit for games and yes I do have one.
Tablets are bollocks as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.