E3 2011: Why the PlayStation Vita is Better than the Nintendo 3DS

The revelation of the PlayStation Vita at this year’s Sony press conference wasn’t surprising at all. What’s very surprising to everyone including us watching it live was when they announced the price. For the basic PS Vita with Wifi, it’s retailing at the same price of the Nintendo 3DS.

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joshpoppedyou2779d ago

spec-wise it may be better, but lets be serious in which ones gonna sell better, nintendo will be the winner

a_bro2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

$250 says that might not happen.

in fact things are going to get pretty even.

NukaCola2779d ago

3DS is decent, but it's far behind in every aspect. The PSV does 100x more than the 3DS does at the same price. Plus it's got Uncharted, COD cross system gaming and a Bioshock game is coming. I think the Vita will dominate. The 3DS is doing 'ok' at best. Also the Vita looks to even beat Wii U at it's own game

Skip_Bayless2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

The two analog sticks and unified online is awfully hard to beat. Sony took the best ideas from 360, DS, and PS3, and put it on their next iteration of the PSP.

-Alpha2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )


While I do think that Sony has an excellent chance to close in on the marketshare, I also don't think that the "3DS is doomed" like I'm hearing.

Nintendo has their heavy hitting First Party games and exclusives and at the end of the day, exclusives will drive sales.

The 3DS has a tremendous lineup this year.

I honestly feel that there's room for both products. Sony's competitive pricing and all around superior product makes things tough for Nintendo, but it's all about the games and both sides have a good lineup.

darthv722779d ago

do we need to try and compare? Both will have games tailor made for them. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Both are equally entertaining to the demographic they are aimed at.

I call it a draw in spite of pure raw hardware specifications.

sikbeta2779d ago

Price + Power + Games and the possibility of doing what the Nintendo tablet-controller can do, but anywhere, that'd be Huge! Awesome Handheld is Awesome...

a_bro2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I never said it was doomed. but that the playing field is going to change dramatically from what we've seen this current gen (2004-2011)

MaxXAttaxX2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

WHY do you people always talk about sales???

What does that have to do with the quality of the product?
I care about who delivers the experience I want for a handheld as a gamer.
Whether you have a different type of taste, that's a different story.

metsgaming2779d ago

yea but casuals will buy the 3ds and thats the biggest market and then they have the zelda and mario fanatics. I love mario but that alone will not get me to buy a system.

TheDivine2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Its going to be a close fight. Vita has better graphics but honestly the 3ds is no pushover games look really nice on it and the 3d made me a believer. I wish vita had 3d it really does add to a handheld. I know il def get vita day one but pbly a 3ds also. The ds sold more but more importantly had WAY more games. The psp had its gems but the ds had a much better library. I like the online on vita though. I guess who cares buy both. Gamers win on this one.

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ATiElite2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

N3DS is already selling POORLY! call it Hand held overload cause Nintendo has released too many hand helds. They have applied the Apple effect and released a new model every 2 years with one new feature and now gamers are over saturated with Nintendo hand helds.

PS Vita has a 3G model which will lead to the PSV being the best all in one device you can have. Music, movies, games, Internet, and Cell phone. It's just a matter of time before an app or hack allows Cell Phone use or ATT may announce it themselves but the PSV is coming to take market share from Nintendo and Apple's iphone. At $299 it's within reach but i'm sure after a year the 3G model can be had for $250.

I have the PSV in first place because of it's versatility but now lets talk games. The PSV has enough power to easily run game engines designed for the consoles. Let me be a little more clearer before I get FLAMED. You can take the Unreal engine for example and make a Vita game. Sure you may not be able to Go all out with the eye candy but it's alot better than making an entire new engine for the PSV which cuts down on Dev time

-Alpha2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Nintendo is selling just fine. Not as well, but fine.

The big competitor here really is the mobile gaming generation that is just sweeping the casual market and even core gamers on the go. It's honestly a much simpler, cheaper alternative for the large majority.

I don't think it's a handheld overload at all either-- the 3DS is pricey, and the DS games are still so good. On top of that, the launch library of the 3DS is holding people off as it's just not convincing enough just yet.

Yes, PSV is a better handheld in terms of specs, but that didn't change things last gen for sales or quality of games. Power is not everything.

The 3DS has a ton of exclusives this year alone (sales will definitely go up due to Nintendo's biggest heavy hitters coming). Sony's lineup is good as well but the launch isn't going to be so strong in comparison to what Nintendo will have by then. I also assume a price drop by Nintendo will happen to combat Sony.

PSV will primarily sell more on the value than Nintendo, but games for both products are going to be great in a year's time

Ju2779d ago

As much as I want the 3G version ... I won't buy it with a contract. No way. Unless I get it for free from AT&T when I sign up.

MaxXAttaxX2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Of course DS games are still good. That's why there's no need for me whatsoever to buy a 3DS. So you're right, it's not convincing enough yet.
In fact, I was about to buy a DSi one time before realizing that they sacrificed GBA game compatibility for new features(I wouldn't use). So I'm happy with my DS Lite. But that's a different story.

The PSV's line-up is solid, although obviously not as large as the 3DS's which had been announced a year ago.

BUT in comparison to the games Nintendo first announced when unveiling the 3DS and Sony's unveiling of the PSV, the Vita has a stronger line-up in my opinion.
BioShock, LBP, Uncharted, Street Fighter X Tekken, Hot Shots Golf, Modnation Racers, Killzone, whatever-the-Hideo-Kojima-game -is, COD, etc.

fatstarr2779d ago

Are you slow? there is a psp model for almost every iteration of the ds.

just because people didnt buy the psp theres no high levels of saturation. i personally dont mind i have a ds fat and a ds lite, i skipped the next 2 for a 3DS.

sony launching 2 models vs 1 model of the ds.
dont be a hypocrite. i can do all that stuff on my phone except quality games why do i need a psv to do the same thing. isnt there a playstation phone? talk about over saturation.

the onlything good that will come about is putting apple in its place but they wont beat nintendo on the handheld front.

and your last paragraph is wrong. a tailor made engine for your system is better than some ported down engine, but thats sonys route and thats why some games will suck horribly.

3DS will have the quality games soon enough.

MaxXAttaxX2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Over 80 million people is no one?
Don't be such a deluded fanboy.

(Except for the PSPgo) Newer PSP models were only made lighter and cheaper. The didn't remove or add new features like the DS has with every redesign(GBA games, camera, DSi ware, among other software features at new prices.

This is not about "who beats who" on sales. They deliver two different types of handheld experiences. And the only thing that matters is which system delivers the experience you want. It could even be both(like myself).

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lil Titan2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

i dont know the Vita is looking way more promising with its graphics and line of games that ive seen so far. im personally looking forward to Shinobido 2 and Project: Gravity and what happened to that PSN game Rikitera or somthing like that? the girl look like a cyber punk

dennisannamant2779d ago

wow just look at the agrees and disagrees. this is a sesspool of sony fanboys

Hicken2779d ago

Is it fanboyism to admit the facts? The Vita is a better piece of hardware, and the 3DS is already suffering.

solidsheep2779d ago

wahhhhhh. How about we see what has games isn't that the point of console's and play games?

NESpower2779d ago

On paper it may be but just like psp, I played DS 5 times more. I will wait a couple years and see if sony can deliver the goods that interest me.

ethan2779d ago

Wait a couple years? Whatever floats your boat, but I personally don't think I could go hardly a couple months and not pick one of these things up..especially at the price!

looza2779d ago

Let just say it won't be DS vs PSP again. Vita will probably be like 360 vs PS3. Numbers should be pretty close mainly cause Vita has the home-console experience which more core players probably want. But 3ds wont be doom since it is Nintendo and if anyone knows handheld, Nintendo does.

fatstarr2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I agree with you Nintendo has so many aces up its sleeve with the 3DS they can take psv easily.

for ex if nintendo wanted to launch pokemon on psvs launch date see what that would do.

but meh if some one wants to battle on this one we can

sony looked at everything the 3DS could do and tried to mimic it but to each his own.

the psv is going to sell to sony fans and to a little casual it seems more like a phone than a system i can do all that stuff on my phone for all i care

the games are rehashes and uncharted psv everyone is acting like its gonna sell 8 million copies when the series hasn't even sold 10million world wide yet.

but we will see come battle time 3DS has a 3million lead atm with no games currently.

all i see is a port machine, it has a nice screen but its not 1080p, its not BACKWARDS compatible off the back. its trying to do what nintendo does just not doing it right, they are going the cellphone route imo.

2779d ago
fatstarr2779d ago

nintendo also has plenty of ips that are in japan that westerners have been craving for decades that they can also bring over.

how are you comparing games that are in different genres.

lil big planet is not a pure platformer how can you compare it to mario.

in terms of making money and selling consoles

Mario > lil big planet 9 times out of 10
same with mod nation racer and mario cart

they will never have the casual mass appeal
even though i like sackboy tho sony needs to make him their mascot

what does sony have to combat pikmin?
or kid icarus.

plenty of people would go toe to toe with you saying zelda franchise can beat uncharted.

bio shock is more fun than alot of resident evil titles .

there are plenty of games that sony just cant compare to and we have all next year to see what comes about.

the 3DS is backwards compatible with the ds out the box. i have a collection of 15 psp games and 45 ds games. i dont have to go through some eshop bs to get it and if you want to call that move, nintendo has a shop like that for older titles

im not in damage control im speaking some facts
and not lettin the 3ds bashing go with out a good argument.

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ShadyDevil2779d ago

I bought 3DS week launch and I think I will buy Vita week launch, right now it all depends on the lineup. I learned that the 3DS sucky ass lineup. But if the Vita has core games. hell yeah.

WesMcLaren2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

150+ developers are already on board for Vita

MightyMark4272779d ago

The games that the Vita will have on launch will impact my decision

metsgaming2779d ago

Sony has set themselves up where they will definitely gain some market share but i still dont think it will outsell the 3ds. They just have way to many fans that will by it automatically with a zelda/Mario type games and then they have the casuals.

Shazz2779d ago

for everything vita offers which is a lot more than the 3ds and for it to be only $250 will make it sell amazingly well i think