Portal the Best Thing in The Orange Box

In Gameplayer's review of The Orange Box, they go in-depth on why the best thing in this excellent collection of games is arguably the most neglected - Portal.

"It's all about Portal. This innovative, highly-polished first-person puzzle adventure is billed as but one of five games included in the Orange Box, but it's clearly the best in the collection."

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gnothe14868d ago

I agree!!portal is the only game I play out of the bunch. didnt get what all the hype was about with half life, but portal is my favorite!!

Jinxstar4867d ago

Well it helped revolutionize PC shooters along with a few others. Like Team fortress and unreal. The second and 3rd installments I am not to clear about but yeah... I got it preordered for my PS3. I can wait on this one.... As far as the big deal for Consoles... Well there really aren't any its just that it should have a good story and the mods for PC were cool as hell... Is portal really better then TF2? I thought people would be playing the hell out of that more....

Drano4868d ago

Hurry before I stard to dig holes in walls with my freaking bare hands!!

Jump Beyond.

jackdoe4867d ago

Portal is the best thing. It is the most original and most fun of the games. Doesn't mean the other games aren't good, they are. Just that Portal is better.

deadeyes994867d ago


Fux4Bux4867d ago

Eh I was kinda disappointed by it. Played it through and all the advanced levels but it wasn't hard enough or with enough variety. It was good but I was just expecting a lot more out of it.

ThisIsWaiting4867d ago

your lies make the baby jesus cry.

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