Fancy Buying A Digital Version Of inFamous 2? It'll Cost You!

PushSquare: "Sony's confirmed that it will be releasing inFamous 2 via the PlayStation Network in Europe this Friday. Expect to pay £49.99 for the convenience. Before you jump into the comments moaning about rip-offs and what-not, Sony obviously can't undercut their retail partners for obvious reasons. Until one of the platform holders commits to going solely digital, you're going to continue to see announcements like this for a while."

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blumatt2780d ago

Awesome game. I bought it today. So many improvements over the first game. The graphics have been improved as well as the combat and powers.

Xof2780d ago

If by graphics you mean art design. I was suitably impressed by the demo: character models actually look human! In the first game, I kept thinking Cole's gf looked more like a chimpanzee.

So, anyway, I take it this means it'll be out in the NA store, too? Isn't that price equivalent to the disc-price? Aren't all PSN games like that (ME2, AC2, etc., etc.)?

Lirky2780d ago

there is a special offer for ac2 9.99 on psn now! during this week of e3 2011 its highly worth it its the deluxe edition.

Miths2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

They may be overcharging, but damn this game is fantastic - price be damned :).
I've been playing all night - even more than the original inFamous this is one of those "just one more main quest, just one more side quest, just a few more hidden times to find or things to see" games.

If I wasn't so tired my head was spinning, I would be playing for another several hours :).

mac_sparrow2780d ago

I know what you mean, I've only just done the first Bertrand mission that was demoed and I have 12 dead drops and over 100 blast shards. Exploring the city is fun.

rabidpancakeburglar2780d ago

Well it is the RRP so I'm not sure what the point is here. There will be very few people buying it online because it's will be much cheaper in stores.

MintBerryCrunch2780d ago


screw everything about that

50 euros is abour $72....sometimes i forget how much lucky we are here in the states

Falaut2780d ago

Just take the time and buy this gem retail. It took me 15 minutes to walk over to my local Blockbuster (they're dropping like flies here in Kanada, got some good games cheap, heads up! ie. Brand new: Mirror's Edge $14, MetalGearSolid4 $19.99, Killzone 2 part of a 2 for $12 deal...)

Forbidden_Darkness2780d ago

I just noticed you spelt Canada with a 'K' and was wondering why?

Falaut2780d ago

because I'm an immigrant, and in the old country we spell it with a K.

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