SCEA: Donates To New Orleans Children's Hospital

Earlier this week Sony Computer Entertainment America announced its plans to donate $25,000 to the New Orleans Children's Hospital. The deal was solidified on the morning of Thursday, October 25 when SCEA arrived at the hospital – games and kiosks in hand – to make the donation official.

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DrWan4870d ago

I am sure young leukemia patients can use some games.

malingenie4869d ago

Actually games do help in those situations.

mighty_douche4870d ago

but still, thats 25,000 grand better than nothing, good on um.

Skerj4870d ago

Looks like both Sony and MS are getting into the mood for giving, whatever their intentions are the action is still good.

felman874870d ago

It's good PR and publicity.

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The story is too old to be commented.