Microsoft: Ignoring its own advice

Platform holder produces statistics, acts in opposite fashion…

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EVILDEAD3602779d ago

Micrsoft is following it's own advice..following it's own strategy..and just like last year when everyone said they would fail for releasing Kinect..they are supporting the system in a great way.

This isn't Nintendo because Nintenda was ONLY motion controls and the 360 far more.

I understand why 'Nowlamer' would hate on Kinect and come off as if they've never even used the one forgets that they started flooding with nothing flamebait hater article against the 360 and when that didn't work they added a 360 section. But still pretty much do the same thing..they just pick their spots now disguised as 360 news..

Same -ish different day


DaveX3602779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Er…this isn't a NowGamer article, man

And the stats do bear out…

EVILDEAD3602779d ago

Er this site is in the Nowgamer network..and what do the stats 'bear' that make any sense as to why Micrsoft isn't following it's own strategy.which it is?

coryok2778d ago

thats only US sales, if you went WW microsoft would look a lot lower while every other console would look a lot higher.

more than 50% of microsofts sales are in the US while ps3 dominates japan and EMEAA and wii is strong everywhere