Skyrim May Be The Elder Scrolls Game We’ve All Been Patiently Waiting For (E3 2011 Preview)

GameBlurb writes, "Bethesda showed off about a good portion of Skyrim footage behind close doors, and it was undeniable one of the best presentations at the show floor."

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JamestheScruffy2715d ago

Wow...I guess all I can say is FINALLY!!!

DasTier2715d ago

FINALLY! The Rock has come back to Wrestlemania!

Gordo7892715d ago

The most electrifying figure in sports entertainment!

Kon2715d ago

It won't top Morrowind though.

RahatR2715d ago

From what it sounds I can wager it just might!

Neckbear2715d ago

Not with the fact they're "making it accessible", quoting Bethesda here.

NukaCola2715d ago

Yeah Skyrim looks great. I personally thought Oblivion was way to repetative. Fallout's variety was more enjoyable, but it looks very much like Skyrim will refine the ES glory and surpass Morrowing too. Plus ditching Gamebryo for a new engine is extremely exciting.

Darkfiber2715d ago

"Accessible" doesn't always mean "bad"... Morrowind was an absolute mess. I welcome them cleaning the game up a bit. It's hardly lacking in the content and gameplay department. I don't see how steamlining sloppy and tedious aspects of the game could be a bad thing.

Jack-Dangerously2708d ago

Lol..... No, Morrowind absolutely WAS NOT a mess.

Holy crap dude.

Pintheshadows2715d ago

I still prefer Daggerfall even though it has aged badly. I used to like waiting in shops until the owner left for the night and then stealing all his wares and running off to my house to laugh.

slayorofgods2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Form Elder scrolls 4 to Fall Out New Vegas I liked all of Bethesdas follow ups.

Morrowind was really good for its time, however it has really aged.

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DankJemo2715d ago

Can someone hand me a towel? I may start to drool.

Gordo7892715d ago

I thought you were going somewhere much, much dirtier with that.

junk3d2715d ago

I'm gonna lose my life when this comes out...

trainsinrdr2715d ago

Oblivion is still my fav game of all time(i've never played morrowind) so skyrims gonna have to be pretty damn awesome to surpass its prequel

raWfodog2715d ago

I agree. Well, I'm going to try and get lost..but work and home life will beckon me away as I count the minutes until I can visit Skyrim again :)

I love open world single-player games like this that has so much to do. You have to give it to Bethesda for giving us so much game for our $60.00

PrimordialSoupBase2715d ago

They can only do better than Oblivion.

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