Mass Effect 3: E3 Reaper Base attack gameplay demo video

Mass Effect 3′s E3 demo began with a brief overview of the franchise’s story line, features, and history. Mass Effect 3 combat developer Corey Gasper then shows off Commander Shepard attacking a Reaper base. After dispatching some Reaper sentries, Reapers pop out all over the place trying to blast Shepard. He keeps going forward to try to destroy the base. The human attack ship, The Normandy, locks in to the Reaper base and drops bombs.

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typikal822741d ago

So now that Cerberus is working with the Reapers, is anyone else happy they decided to blow up that Collector base so Cerberus couldn't use it? I wonder what effect that choice will have in ME3.

markbob2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

supposedly that is just an over simplification for tv or he his just trying to cover his ass for spoiling part of the plot.!/Casey...

He stats that the are both against you.

if it is true. I am pissed that I let the Illusive man keep the collector base

Pintheshadows2741d ago

I heard Shepard say in one of the gameplay vids that Cerberus have been indoctrinated by the reapers.

I trust Shepard more than Bioware staff.

No_Pantaloons2741d ago

Not impressed with the on the rails shooting, I hate that.

I know its only one part of the game, but still, they need to show off the damn rpg elements that are "supposed" to be coming back.

grifter0242741d ago

Agree NO RPG elements have been show at ALL and this was suppose to be a HEAVY RPG game.

I was floored at the stuff they showed at E3 but I still hold onto my belief that when they said they were dumbing down the game more for casuals is the truth.

OdinX2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Actually no, ME was always supposed to be a shooter with RPG elements to it; the only question is how much RPG? I've played and own both of the canon games of the series and noticed that ME1 had a lot of unnecessary elements to it.

Too many pieces of armor and weapons that didn't really have a significance to them. All of us who played ME1 and beaten ME1 should know that once you got Colossus or Predator armor you either sold or "omni-gelled" the rest of your armors. Same with weapons; nothing came close to the 3rd tier Spectre gear.

ME2 stream-lined it, and imho, made it better. Yes, I agree there was a lack of weapons and customization, but Bioware did a far better job on ME2 than in ME1. I see the same winning formula in ME3. And actually take a look at this story ( ). It shows some of the RPG elements for squad power and personal customization.

I think ME3 is being refined even better than ME2. I do remember there being some points in the game where I said 'damn, I wish I could roll.' I think many people have also had some cases...

drosera12740d ago

Agreed, what is this "Gears Of Warsy" crap in the demo? And where the heck is Miranda? We definitely need the RPG elements back, i'm worried they may have pulled a "Dragon Age 2" on us, i really hope not!

OdinX2740d ago

If you click the link I posted it should show you a more in depth interview which displays some RPG elements to it. Now, I really don't know what you might consider as an RPG so...

gamingisnotacrime2741d ago

with the turret gun and all.

it looks fun and that is a good thing

drosera12740d ago

Oh please, if i wanted Gears Of War, i'd play Gears Of War! I want Mass Effect, an awesome space RPG with shooter elements, not a bloody Gears Of War/COD wannabe.

krazykombatant2741d ago

Ok nice gameplay and nice concept about the reaper... Question is where the hell are the RPG elements. WHERE?!?!

Seems to me that the first one is gonna still hold the title of the best game in the trilogy. Prove me wrong BioWare. I just saw the GT exclusive on Skyrim and it loooks WWWAAAAAAYYYYYYY better. They had a bit of action and SOOOOOOOOOOO much rpg in it....

MasterD9192741d ago

Got a feeling that a few of my decisions from the previous games will be haunting me in this one....

OdinX2741d ago

**SPOLIER ALERT (for ME2 ending)!!!!

Lol, I'm glad I blew up the damn Collector base at the end of ME2. Just wonder what repercussions it might have on the human retaliation and the invasion of the Reapers. I'm sure it's a double-edged sword. On one hand, if you saved the tech, now Cerberus has it and if you destroyed it, now no one, not even humanity has it. XD