Retail Easy - 5 Reasons Why the Nintendo Wii U will Fail

Yesterday Nintendo gave their E3 2011 presentation, showed us all what had been under wraps as “Project Cafe” and was now being referred to as the Wii U. A funny name for a new console but we thought that about the Wii when it was first revealed. During the presentation Nintendo showed off the “interesting” new controller and HD graphics but will that be enough to pull off another gaming revolution as they did with the Wii? Well here are 5 reasons it won’t.

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CynicalVision2742d ago

Well that didn't take long.

EYEamNUMBER12742d ago

"Firstly the new controller looks like a dinner plate"

i stopped reading the moment i read that REALLY? like SERIOUSLY?

Muletroid2742d ago

if that's the number 1 reason im not even gonna bother clicking on this

GfxPipeline2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Then here is the list(just their own bold parts):

1. Firstly the new controller looks like a dinner plate

2. the size and technology packed into the controller will undoubtedly make it expensive

3. surely the next generation of consoles are going to improve graphically

4. Rockstar and Activision haven’t announced their support,

5. whether Nintendo have gone step too far?

Not really much of a list.

mamotte2742d ago

One day, that was pretty fast.

Now, I'll share with you the 100 reasons why Japan will win the next FIFA World Cup in a few years.

jacksonmichael2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Points 1, 3, 4 and 5 were stupid. 2 seemed logical to me for a while, then I remembered, hey... Remember all those people who smashed their TVs with their Wiimotes? People aren't smart enough to realize how dangerous/breakable things are these days. That isn't going to slow sales.

morganfell2742d ago

Actually number 3 is logical. We were discussing this two days ago.

The problem that Nintendo faces isn't informational. It's their userbase. Some loyal Nintendo fans as well as new fans will buy the console. But a massive percentage of people that made the Wii a success are not the same people that will upgrade a console.

"You mean it looks better with better graphics? That's not important." Granny doesn't care. Not to mention the number of people that bought one who have been letting it sit on the shelf and collect dust. I know, I have one under one of my TVs.

An almost two year wait for the next cycle possibly puts the console into contention with the PS4, the Xbox 720, or both. These are consoles that sell to people who do upgrade and these two consoles will certainly be more powerful. There is every chance that the Wii had it's run and the magic of the Wii was a lucky place in time, not to be repeated. If I were a Nintendo shareholder I would be very concerned.

Valk2741d ago

Most of that is just made up BS.. You are acting like the majority of the fanbase is 80 year old women who only bout one game and never did anything else, but the attach rate easily proves you completely wrong. Most Wii owners are former PS2 owners, they didnt have 50 million old people running out to buy Wii.

Wiis controller was mocked by fanboys and companies alike. Everyone said it would fail, yet years later it is the lead platform.

Nintendo did great this gen without Sony fanboys supporting them. They'll do jsut fine next gen as well.

Theyellowflash302742d ago

I got 5 reasons why it won't

1. Mario
2. Smash Bros
3. Zelda
4. Retro Made Metroid Prime
5. Donkey Kong

- Nintendo home consoles never fail some just live up to Nintendo high expectations. Like the GameCube.

majiebeast2742d ago

Same 25 year old IP's that have been milked to death by now.

superman2742d ago

I didn't know Smash Bros was 25 years old.

qface642742d ago

if they are milked to death then why do they sell more and more every year?

majiebeast2742d ago

Ok 1 franchise that isnt 20-25 years old in his entire list.

majiebeast2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Same reason why games like wiifit sell, casuals are morons. Im just sick of nintendo not introducing any new franchises my wii collection is
Mario galaxy 2,Donkey kong country returns,Metroid other M,metriod prime trilogy all of em based on 10 year or older franchises.

Hell they can make those 10+ year old franchises all they want its not that they make them, its that they are the only thing nintendo makes. Its Mario,zelda and metroid then rinse repeat and sometimes throw in a other old franchise.

Jezuz2742d ago

I guess mario isn't fun then.

qface642742d ago

is that why nintendo games have sold on all their consoles even before the wii

slaton242742d ago

well i see ur point but nintendo would nvr b nintendo if they got rid of donkey kong, mario, zelda, pokemon(even though it needs to stop, metroid, and even starfox...these games are nintendo...thats like sayin hmm 6 halo games in one console gen they sure are milkin that....u see my point if they make money they will continue and also look at CoD great game to many but is it milkin money sure is especially with $15 map packs but people still enjoy when it comes to great games they can milk all they want so for u all i got to say is shut the hell up complaining about milkin if u dont no the real reasons for it

Theyellowflash302742d ago

Yeah you contradict your own statement. Guitar Hero was milked to death because it was the same thing over and over and now it died. Can't milk something to death if its still around and good. While these games are old a lot of them don't play the same. Metroid Prime is vastly different than Super Metroid or even Metroid other m. Donkey Kong really didn't start playing the way it did till 1994s Donkey Kong Country. Mario has all sorts of iterations. Galaxy doesn't play like New Super Mario Bros.

- The main thing to point out here is its core gamers buying these too so when you say casuals are morons it doesn't really make sense. Casuals aren't buying Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Zelda.

- Plus the biggest thing your missing are these games are good. People love them and they play great many in 60FPS with a oldschool design in mind. You can have your endless amount of shooters on the PS3 and 360 I like Platforming games and adventure, Nintendo's first party content rocks in those areas

StanSmith2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Can we please end this crap about nintendo franchises being milked? All the big 3 release sequels to games. They all release the same franchises again and again.

Look at Sony. They've got 3 Uncharted games on PS3 and 1 for Vita, 7 Metal Gear Games (not including re-releases), 5 God of war games etc

Microsoft have Halo, 3 Gears Games etc.

They all do it. Difference is Nintendo have been able to keep there franchises going all these years.

XabiDaChosenOne2742d ago

@qface64 same reason why cod sells more and more every year.

StarCSR2741d ago

In contrary to sportgames and a lot of shooters, those games reinvent themselves every other generation...
And even then "milked to death" would imply that people are getting sick of it. But the userbase keeps buying it... The only people who are complaining about it are the same folks who gave up playing Mario or Zelda years ago...

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Close_Second2742d ago

All great games but many are multiplayer. How many families are going to shell out for additional controllers? I think Nintendo may be pushing a boundary too hard with this one.

_LarZen_2742d ago

I read to "the new controller looks like a dinner plate" then I know this article was just one of many idiotic articles on ng4....

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